2026 Cole Cloer (Durham Hurricanes): Cloer has been a favorite of mine since the summer and he was off the charts today with what he showed.  Early on, you must like his size and his feel for the game, as he was making spectacular decisions and passes to set up his teammates, created well and found ways to score around defenders, displayed good athleticism and body control, as well as being able to operate from multiple levels. He looks strong as a young rising prospect and if he continues to develop, he will be an even bigger name to watch.

2025 Jackson Keith (Durham Hurricanes): Keith is another player that I’ve enjoyed watching and see so much potential in what he ultimately could be at the end. But getting an updated viewing, you can see that it is starting to click for him.  Which is why I believe that his recruitment is only going to take off even more.  What don’t you like about his game, with his size, maturity and leadership, his ability to create and score over defenders, his college-ready frame already, and his ability to score from all levels but also make smart decisions'

2024 Ryan Crotty (The Springs): Been hearing a lot about Crotty from our guys, so getting a chance to watch him was a top priority. I wasn’t disappointed with his shot-making ability and confidence from outside, as he is going to let it fly and showcase his range. But what impressed also was his court vision and awareness to find his open teammates and set up easy baskets. With more attention coming his way, he was able to show his unselfishness and ability to create more.

2023 Micah Jones (The Springs): Jones had one of the best summers and it looks like he is only going to continue his play this season for Holly Springs. Jones is a gritty, tough point guard that gets downhill, kicks to the open man or understands how to finish around defenders and through contact. He is a guard that plays under control, has strong handles, and leads the charge.  Jones just has a natural ability to know how to run the show but also be a strong offensive and defensive presence on the court.

2023 Sam Martin (Strong Center): Martin should just continue to show what he can do and provide on the court, as he started the weekend off right with a nice double-double. Martin continues to show that he can be a force in the paint with touch, as well as a strong finisher. Really like his timing on the boards and blocking shots, can score over either shoulder, mans the paint well and battles, and also showed a little range with a few threes as well.

2025 Beau Harvey (Medieval Knights): Harvey was strong on both sides and one thing you can say about Beau and his brother Adam Harvey is that they are both competitors. But Beau showed today his ability to create with the dribble and get into the paint, score through contact and find ways to get the ball on the rim, battle on the boards, and play hard on the defensive end. Really like his competitive nature and toughness as a young guard, while also helping run the show for his team.

2024 Chris Crudup (G-Town): Crudup has been a name really rising up the ranks here in the Hoop State League, as he has shown consistently that he can be a scoring power on the court. The guard shows the ability to create for himself and others, has a balanced attack and can be efficient on the floor, and continues to show that he can be the go-to guy offensively. Started out his day with a 30-point performance and had another solid showing finishing with 17.

2023 Mayar Wol (Holy Rams): From when we first saw Wol with Fuquay-Varina to where he is today, the development in his game has been special to watch.  He has only continued to elevate his game and is now showing he can be one of the premier shooters in the state.  He does a great job in finding the open spot or getting to his spot for his pull-up, something that he is quite comfortable and fluid in doing. Wol’s ability to rise up over defenders, be a consistent threat from three, and use that same length to finish at the basket is impressive, as he continues to show why he is rising up the ranks nationally.

2024 Zion Walker (Spartans): Walker has been a strong guard but you can see that this year could be different for him, as he is one of the clear leaders for this team.  Walker did a terrific job in controlling the game and the pace, showcasing his court awareness and vision, driving and finding shooters, and also being able to create plays and space for himself. Can be an absolute pest on both sides of the court and will be counted on big-time for the TBS this year.

2023 Ashton Troutman (Spartans): The senior forward was impressive in Game 2, as he was relentless with his attack, he was aggressive in attacking the basket and finding ways to score.  On several occasions, he finished strong and powerful at the rim while running the floor well for easy baskets.  In the win, Troutman was really able to show how skilled he can be, his ability to move and create for himself in the paint, his ability to finish at the rim and through defenders, and how he can run the floor and make his impact felt on the glass.

2025 Colt Langdon (Chris Clemons Elite): It was great to get an updated viewing of the rising 2025 forward, as he has had a terrific summer and is catching a ton of looks his way from college programs all around the country. And it is easy to see why with just how skilled, fluid, and smooth he can operate. As a versatile forward, his ability to be able to create his own shot, score from all three levels, and be a strong presence in the paint but also be a confident shot-maker from three is why he is regarded as one of the top players in his class. That doesn’t even mention his footwork, his ability to push in transition, and make his presence in all aspects of the game. To sum it all up, he can be a walking mismatch on the floor and shows the ability to be effective in whatever you may give him.

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