The Phenom G3 Showcase has plenty of talent and college coaches watching and though it is May, there are still programs looking for late steals in the Class of 2024. Well, here are a few names that impressed me throughout the event down in South Carolina and should be options for college coaches.

2024 Patrick Penosky (ACE SD Elite):

Penosky came out looking to make a statement and believe he did, has he showcased his ability to be an effective scorer. Whether it was off the dribble or off the catch, Penosky was able to find ways to finish, knock down shots, or make strong decisions on the court. Has a quick release, shows that he can be a scorer from multiple levels, and plays within the offense.

2024 Jeffrey Clark (NC Spartans):

Clark would be a great get for a program and he has consistently shown that over the summer. His blend of length and versatility really flourished on the court, as he scored inside and out.  He has tremendous length and uses his wingspan to his advantage, as he shows touch, the ability to create and stretch the court. Clark should be a target for college coaches.

2024 Cehki Hill (Mint Hill Lakers):

Hill has really impressed over the last few weeks, and if a college needs a player at his position he would be one to check out. He offers a nice blend of size and ability to create for himself, using his frame and athleticism well but also staying active on both sides of the court. On several occasions, he shows that he can break down defenders and get to the rim, as well as guard multiple positions.

2024 Garrett Morgan (R4A Scholars):

Morgan is a player that has captured our eyes over the last few weeks. He has been able to showcase his scoring impact on the court, whether it is making strong drives or knocking down shots from outside, but also has shown the ability to make high IQ decisions, be a willing teammate, and make those hustle plays that you love to see.

2024 Ethan Robertson (Run The Citi):

Robertson was a new name personally for us here at Phenom, but he made his presence felt as an unsigned senior to check out more. Good size at 6’6 while also possessing a blend of physicality, skill, and size at multiple positions. He was able to make plays and knock down shots from multiple areas on the floor, stretching the court from outside but being physical to get to the line.

2024 Owen Stewart (Next Level Elite):

Stewart is one that I’ve mentioned time after time, and still believe that the 6’5 prospect could be a steal for a program. His size stands out immediately but when you watch his ability to play on and off the ball, he is one that can be effective when on the court. Off the ball, he gets to his spots and can knock down shots from the mid-range out to the three, but doesn’t settle as well in creating off the bounce as well.

2024 Brendan Bailey (NLPB):

Bailey continues to play well in showing his overall ability and his skillset. He has size and strength, while showcasing his ability to score in a variety of ways. He excels in creating and making plays for himself, attacking off the dribble, embracing contact and finishing, scoring at the rim, or also getting to his spots from multiple levels. Bailey plays hard and is a competitor, and he could be one late for a program looking for a scoring option at his size.

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