Player: Malachi Martis
Class: 2025
Height: 6’6
AAU: TNT Hoopsquad
School: Windermere Prep

We wrapped up a tremendous weekend of basketball down in South Carolina, as college coaches were on the baselines, players and teams competed at the highest level, and talent was found of all levels on the court. Some players left their mark on our scouts this weekend, and one player that garnered our attention a lot was 2025 6’6 Malachi Martis from TNT Hoopsquad.

Martis, who plays at Windermere Prep down in Florida, quickly made a statement and was consistent with his play throughout the event. He has a tremendous blend of size at 6’6, a strong skillset and feel, can be a creator for himself and others, impacts the game in all facets, and can be used in a variety of ways. Martis flourished as a true scoring option for his team, using his big frame and size to score inside but also was an excellent option in creating off the dribble, knock down shots from the mid-range, and showing range from behind the arc. And he can be used in so many ways on the court, depending on what is needed from him on the floor. 

Martis was incredibly consistent throughout the event, flourishing as the go-to player for his team but also embracing his role to impact the game in all facets and get others involved as well.  Walking away from the event, Martis should have the attention of college coaches and he proved that in a big way down in South Carolina.

What Was Said from Phenom Scouts:

“Continue to be impressed by 6’6 ‘25 Malachi Martis (TNT Hoop Squad) and everything he’s shown. Matchup problem with the ability to pass, handle, and play inside or along the perimeter. Versatile two-way piece. Should appeal to scholarship-level coaches.”

“2025 Malachi Martis (TNT Hoop Squad) certainly has eyes his way. The blend of size, skill, ability to create and make plays, handle, and operate from multiple levels should have college coaches’ attention.”

“Clear appeal with 6’6 ‘25 Malachi Martis (TNT Hoop Squad NT), especially from a physical standpoint. He’s long, fluid, and highlighting ability on both ends of the floor. Finishing, making smart passes, and battling for rebounds. Solid defender.”

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