This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled down to Rock Hill for our annual G3 Live Showcase. The event featured a ton of teams and countless prospects for college coaches to pursue. Now, we can take a closer look at superlatives and start doling out recognition to some of the notable players in attendance. It should go without saying, but it’s impossible to see every game or performance, so these are simply from my personal viewings. Let’s see who stood out…

Top Performer:

6’6 ’25 Malachi Martis (TNT Hoop Squad)

It should be unsurprising to see Malachi Martis named as the top performer, as he was the most impressive (and possibly productive) prospect on display. At 6-foot-6, he showcased the entire arsenal. Martis caused constant matchup problems for opponents through his athleticism, versatility, and physical tools. He scored from all levels while constantly mixing it up, highlighting vision, and adapting to whatever the defense gave him. Martis also controlled the glass and defended multiple positions with relative ease. He applied pressure in transition and led by example on both ends of the floor. Martis definitely had coaches buzzing throughout the weekend.

Honorable Mention:

6’6 ’24 Ethan Robertson (Run The Citi)

5’10 ’25 MJ Williams (Team Trezz)

6’3 ’25 Saxon McWilliam (Grassroots Carolina)

Top Floor General:

5’10 ’25 MJ Williams (Team Trezz)

Although there were several applicable options here, MJ Williams gets the nod through his ability to set the tone. So much of being a point guard is hinged upon a player’s understanding of how to get others involved while picking their spots and defending the point of attack. While each of the candidates certainly fit this notion, Williams was the best. He’s a quality playmaker who looks to create opportunities for others whenever possible. However, Williams offers the right level of assertiveness as a three-level scorer. If his teammates need a lift, he’s there to carry the load for extended stretches. Williams consistently makes the right play on offense while suffocating his assignment on defense. He should be a priority for coaches.

Honorable Mention:

5’10 ’25 Derek Ross Jr. (Wildcats Elite)

6’1 ’25 Miles Leaks (CC Elite)

5’11 ’25 Kendall Lanier (Grassroots Carolina)

Top Shooter:

6’1 ’25 Jayden Ross (Anthony Morrow Elite)

Another category where several different guys could’ve been chosen, Jayden Ross deserves attention for his shooting and overall growth as a player. Not only is he a lethal marksman, as evidenced throughout the weekend, but he’s shown steady growth as a playmaker and overall floor general. Ross handles the ball well, sets up others, and applies scoring pressure in a variety of different ways. He hits jumpers off the bounce and catch at a strong rate.

Honorable Mention:

6’2 ’26 Ryan Chen (Mint Hill Lakers)

6’2 ’25 Jake Benham (CC Elite)

6’0 ’25 Grady Morgan (NC Spartans)

6’3 ’25 Ty Sanders (Carolina Riptide)

Top Defender:

5’11 ’25 Jacarey Ballard (Carolina Pressure)

Notice how there are no other candidates in this category? This is not by mistake, as Jacarey Ballard was that much better than the next grouping of guys. Though defense can be widely overlooked by the typical spectator, it’s impossible to overlook the way he’s able to shift a game through his defense presence. Ballard is a reliable offensive threat who touches the paint, sets up others, and applies scoring pressure within the flow of the action. However, his nonstop motor, incredible quickness, and sharp instincts make him an amazing defensive player. Ballard legitimately mirrors opposing guards and bullies them into miscues or forced turnovers—frequently leading to fast-break opportunities. He possesses active hands, quick feet, and a terrific nose for the ball. Ballard also rebounds very well for his size and makes hustle plays at a strong rate. He should appeal to a lot of different programs.

Most Productive:

6’1 ’25 Caiden Brewer (Team Swish)

Easily one of the most challenging categories to narrow down, Caiden Brewer edges out a very productive list of players. He’s a strong, skilled, well-rounded guard who displayed the ability to do everything on the court. Brewer scored in a variety of ways while actively getting others involved, battling defensively, and applying pressure in transition. He understands how to set the tone as a focal point and consistently make his presence felt.

Honorable Mention:

6’5 ’25 Roldjudson Lacossade (Team Swish)

6’0 ’25 Joseph Bruce (Carolina Riptide)

6’3 ’25 Markell Hollis (Team KST)

Breakout Performer:

6’7 ’26 Dylan Twitty (NC Spartans)

There’s something so tantalizing about watching a young, unpolished gem of a prospect starting to harness their long-term potential, which is exactly what’s happening with Dylan Twitty. Between his experience (less than a year), physical tools, and unique instincts, the appeal should be fairly obvious. At 6-foot-7 with impressive length and fluidity, Twitty is already quietly one of the best rebounders in North Carolina. He possesses an uncommonly strong nose for the ball and seems to be involved on every missed shot—both inside and outside of his area. Rebounding is often referred to as an effort stat, which is true to an extent, but it’s also something that most players get better as they understand angles, how the ball bounces, etc. That statement is arguably what makes Twitty’s natural feel so incredible. He’s still just learning yet clearly impacts the game more than most of his peers. Additionally, Twitty is a solid finisher who battles well for position and utilizes his length effectively on both ends of the floor. He alters shots at a solid rate and runs the floor properly in transition. It’s still early, but Twitty has all the makings of a guy who should trend upward over the foreseeable future.

Honorable Mention:

6’3 ’25 TJ Lewis (Carolina Pressure)

6’2 ’25 Hayes Oxendine (Grassroots Carolina)

6’2 ’28 Jack Baker (Team Curry)

Top Team:

NLPB Senyo

While there were several undefeated teams in attendance, it felt like NLPB Senyo generated the most discussion amongst college coaches. Like the others listed below, they have a roster loaded with next-level pieces. Guards like Ian Howard, Christian Petty, Jaiden Williams, and Josiah Railey each coexist in a cohesive, team-oriented manner. Howard and Petty often share most of the ball-handling duties, but are both capable of operating in various roles. Howard is a polished scorer and creator who does a little bit of everything. Petty is quick, scrappy, and offers great offensive balance. Williams is a smooth shooter with size and athleticism. Railey is a strong, physical, versatile guard who can operate in a variety of different roles. On the wings, Dacen Petty and Jordan Patterson also turned heads. Petty offers a quality blend of size, playmaking, and perimeter shooting. Meanwhile, Patterson is a long, strong, polished athlete with the ability to consistently get downhill and play through contact or above the rim. Rounding out their group, the interior trio of Preston Clayton, Rylan Parkins, and Zachary Peterson each stood out in their respective roles. Clayton consistently fills in the gaps and does the dirty work. Parkins continues to trend upward as a steady big man with touch, rebounding instincts, and a sturdy defensive presence. Peterson is a long, fluid athlete who shoots the ball at a high clip for his size. Clearly, they are a team worth targeting.

Honorable Mention:

Midstate Magic

Mint Hill Lakers Gold

ACE Elite Sanders

Strong Center Jones

Carolina Riptide 2025

Grassroots Carolina

Additional Standouts:

Chris Rivens

Jared Taylor

Cekhi Hill

Viktor Alao

Quamir Ingram

Bishop Witherspoon

Evan Ingram

King Hubbard

Kotchi Wilfried

Joel Deigna

Tyshaun Goldston

Ahmari Hicks

Brady Dunn

Jaden Rivers

Nicholas Graves

Rilpuou Mabor

Andre Gyabaah

Dyson Britt

Malik Brunson

CJ Moore

Christian Hargett

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