Phenom Hoops presents 2015 Millbrook Showcase
Bishop Sullivan (VA) Vs Freedom Christian (NC)

Freedom Christian and Bishop Sullivan are both teams that have very talented wings and guards. They are athletic, attack the basket, and they make shots. Bishop Sullivan is just now gaining some key pieces from the football team. They will add some paint girth with Breyon and Brandon Gaddy coming along. Freedom Christian has been integrating a couple foreign transfers.

Both teams have had a game and a couple practices together, full staffed. This will be a new look from both sides, however a look that is incredibly talented with college level talent across the both rosters.

Players to Watch
Bishop Sullivan

6’10” 2016 Onyx Boyd (Coastal Carolina)
Boyd is a paint and a rim protector. He is slender and very long. He is at his best in the short corner and defensively. Boyd committed to Coastal Carolina over the summer.

6’3” Unsigned Senior Gerrard Simpkins
Simpkins is undoubtedly the team’s leader. He is very athletic, can be a very good perimeter defender, and finishes at the rim. Simpkins carries D1 offers

6’6” Junior Lance Tebay
Tebay is the glue man of the team, who does a lot well. The high academic forward is a very athletic player and plays with a non-stop motor.

Freedom Christian
6’6” 2017 Lawrence Williams

Williams transferred over from New Hanover this year. He is the brother of University of North Georgia Junior TJ Williams. Lawrence is a high motor, high athletic wing. He is a little raw, but he produces now and his upside is sky high.

6’3” Junior Todd Smith
Smith is a big bodied guard. He is playing point guard for this team and getting his guys into their sets. Smith is a downhill scorer, with high level athleticism. This could be a breakout year for Smith who is a high upside guy.

Matchup to Watch
Todd Smith Vs Gerrard Simpkins

Both guards play a lot of the game with the ball in their hands. They are both very athletic and each carry very good frames. Simpkins is the senior leader for Bishop Sullivan, and they will go as far as he carries them. Smith is the big bodied junior point guard for Freedom Christian, he is athletic and he is developing by the day. This matchup will go a long way in deciding the winner.

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