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Prospect Talk: William Lee

Twitter: @willmyleslee2 Instagram: @fullycharged_will   Well, we’re now in another ‘quiet period’ within the basketball scene, as the 2019 travel season has passed by and high school hoops won’t start up for another couple of months. Nonetheless, daily workouts for improvement never truly ends for driven players and they’ll have the final portion of this summer, headed into the fall, to...

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Poised to Breakout: North Carolina’s Class of 2022

With the summer season behind us, there’s no better time to reexamine all the high school classes. The Class of 2022 will be entering their sophomore season and has an abundance of uncovered talent. This summer has given Phenom Hoops a chance to get a closer look at some prospects that we feel are underrated and have the chance to breakout this season. This article will take a deeper look at...

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Previewing Top Prospects in North Carolina’s Class of 2023

As we continue to prepare for the upcoming high school season, Phenom Hoops carries on their preview of the top prospects in North Carolina’s Class of 2023, which is shaping up nicely. This class is already deep and littered with high-level prospects at every position, and we’ll take a closer look at some of them in this article. Again, this is in no way a ranking or reflection of rankings in...

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Is Moravian Prep Becoming a National Powerhouse?

Much like in the NBA, the high school “off-season” can often be incredibly fun and entertaining, especially with things like transferring and reclassifying becoming more common trends. If any program in North Carolina has “won” the off-season, it would have to be Antonio Lowe and Moravian Prep.   Let’s be clear, Rome was not built in a day and neither was the new basketball Mecca that has...

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Previewing Top Guards in North Carolina’s Class of 2023

As the game has continued to evolve, folks have tended to get less enamored with size and exploiting mismatches through strength. For better or worse, he modern-day game is dominated by guards and looks likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future. These guys have always been the primary creators but it seems like teams are content with initiating offense from other positions, especially...

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Darlinstone Dubar is BACK in the Hoop State and His Unique Game SHINED at Phenom’s Summer Finale!!

Darlinstone Dubar is a 6'6" play initiating wing. He has great size, length and is a good athlete who can really shoot the ball. He played his first 2 years of high school ball at Rocky River HS in Mint Hill, NC and then last year he played in Tennessee... Well, he's back in NC and playing his best basketball yet.

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