However, with college coaches there is so much attention put on closing out their 2018 classes, some kids may fall under the radar.

John Butler

What an incredible crop of talent that came through for Phenom’s Southern Jam Live. However, with college coaches there is so much attention put on closing out their 2018 classes, some kids may fall under the radar. For the event, we had over 100 coaches come through to watch and there was a list of players who drew the coaches attention immediately.

The Eastern Seaboard and Southeast region is so loaded with talent there are numerous players who can still be considered under the radar. With the way social media and mixtapes are going, even as a rising freshman or sophomore, you are well known across the region. Well true to the Phenom Hoops platform, there were numerous young players who should now be considered high major prospects.

6’10” 2020 Valentin Bilounga
Warriors Life Elite 16s

Bilounga is tucked away in tiny Little Washington, North Carolina (same are that Dominique Wilkins graduated high school from). Bilounga is a long and explosive big man. He runs the floor like a wing and plays with a non stop motor that runs hot throughout the course of a game. He is a little raw offensively, but has good hands and coordination with an understanding of what he needs to do. He is a high level shot blocker, with natural instincts, and a great (in and out of area) rebounder. Top 100s, high majors, etc…Bilounga should get all that.

6’10” 2021 John Butler
Team United 2021

Butler is special. Only a rising 8th grader, he has blue blood recruit written all over him. His body is similar to Tyson Chandler’s at the same age, standing at a legit 6’10” with a wing span going well over 7’. He has great coordination and athleticism and his timing is impeccable, blocking shots out to the 3 point line, under control. Like with any 13-14 year old 8th grader Butler is very thin and will need to develop physically. But as we mentioned prior, he’s conservatively a Top 50 guy and a sure fire. blue blood type recruit.

6’8” 2020 PJ Hall
Upward Stars Upstate

Hall has basketball running in his blood, and it is obvious when you watch him play. He has great footwork and understanding on the block. He displays consistent ability to go over both shoulders, with great pace. He has great length and easy vertical explosion. Still young, with a size 18 shoe, it is obvious Hall still has some growth to be had. Naturally he is one of the greatest ever to do it, so we are not saying he is as good as him, but Hall’s game is similar to Tim Duncan’s with his fundamental base, great length and athleticism.

5’11” 2021 KJ Garrett
Team Felton Elite 17s

Only a rising freshman, Garrett earned his way on to the 17s roster for this event. He played, and ran the team, like a poised veteran. Garrett has all the tools, a strong frame (for a 13-14 year old), he plays with a great pace and delivers pin point pocket passes as he touches the paint. Playing against guys 3-4 years older, Garrett played within himself, but also showed the ability to finish at the rim. Watch closely here, he has all the makings of a Power 5 point guard.

6’7” 2021 Josiah Doss
Team United 2021

Doss is strong and plays the game with a bit of a mean streak. He is very strong and polished on the block and, sometimes, uses sheer grit to get the ball in the hole. Doss’ team played up two age groups, in the 16s bracket, and he averaged a double/double. Doss has good length and wears a size 18 shoe, so he is projected to end up in the 6’10” range. As he continues along that path, high majors need to monitor closely.

6’8” 2020 Dylan Cardwell
Upward Stars SE 15s

Cardwell is a newer name, having played for the regional program Upward Stars Riverfront. Cardwell was pull up to the Adidas sponsored Upward Stars SE team for the end of July and showed that he belonged. Not only did he belong but he was a high impact player. His game is reminiscent to a Javale McGee as he plays with length, athleticism and a hot motor on defense. Also, like McGee, he is still raw in his decision making, but Cardwell has incredible natural tools. Watch him closely as he continues to progress he should continue developing as an impact player at every level he plays.

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