by: Ethan Reece

2025 Korvontae Hatter (Loyalty United)
You better be ready to play traveling up from Orlando, FL and Loyalty United has brought it so far this weekend. Hatter stands out as a tone setting leader for this team with a rugged approach that maximizes what his build can do. Similar to how a Ford Mustang has a lot of horsepower yet also a smooth drive, Hatter has the frame to play bully ball with guys but also is swift in how he moves on the court. He has the capability to shift positions seamlessly and is no doubt also a stud on the gridiron.

2026 Yale Davis (Team USC)
Moving to another guy I could see being a dual sport stud, Davis has ballhawk tendencies that makes any ball handler nervous. He’s like a safety waiting on passes to come his way, a pest on the ball that constantly picks your pocket, and a tough overall young guard that has a knack for making things work. Time and again this weekend he’s shown isolation break down abilities combined with tough shot making along with being able to excel in transition finishing, which he gets out in frequently.

2026 Juelz Williams & Chosen Wynn (Dunn Wildcats)
These two deserve the recognition together for the show they put on. They were a true dynamic duo and carried the full team’s weight on their shoulders offensively. Combining for 60 of their team’s 62, they had chemistry that found them connecting with each other all game. While Williams did pour in 29, he made a bigger impression on me with his facilitation of fully handling the pressure alone and being the primary decision maker to provide Wynn. And Wynn epitomized the maximization of scoring touches, he probably only had the ball in his hands for a minute in total but poured in 31 off finishing all around the lane and really never even putting the ball on the floor.

2026 Cody Peck (CC Elite)
Tracking from the last time I saw him, Peck is showing great strides in expanding his offensive game. Already an elite rim protector and reliable rebounder, he’s showing a lot more feel with how to read things and make plays himself instead of waiting on his guards to initiate his looks. In terms of potential over the next 4 years, he has the most promising upside and lots more room to grow from his position now, which I see as being an immediately impactful player in the Providence rotation giving size. The weight room will be his best friend going forward when looking at how his body develops and if he can bring the physicality to an already consistently productive game.

2026 Jack Siegel (CC Elite)
Another promising incoming freshman for Providence, Siegel has the size, feel and shot to play meaningful minutes and get plugged into the system as probably their best shooter. He has consistently shown he can have sets run specifically for him to get clean looks, waiting on his screens and catching it ready to shoot. A shooter like this, who can get himself open and be dangerous with motion off the ball, is possibly more dangerous than any other. Look for him and Peck listed above to make a name for themselves at Providence sooner rather than later.

2027 Manny Pulliam & 2026 Brody Kumnick (NC Wildcats)
While it is uncommon to call out pairs of players instead of individuals, this duo really intrigued me because of their opposite personalities playing the same position on the court. They both bring differing attributes to the table that really complete the balance of the backcourt. Pulliam is more of a scorer, being a shifty slasher with fluid lateral mobility getting to the basket with fakes and euros. While Kumnick is the facilitator that makes others react to him with an instinctive pass first mindset when driving. Together they fit like a puzzle and being the qualities you need from your PG to win.

2026 Exzavier Young (Team Charlotte)
You have to take notice of Young as soon as he walks out because of his impressive physique, simply put he’s gonna make some of the high schoolers look like they need to hit the weight room. And what’s even better is the surprisingly smooth athleticism he has to accompany his build, he had an absolutely dominant 2nd half that outright was the reason they won. There was no answer for him on the glass, and he capitalized on every second chance with skill, making authoritative moves like his pounding crab dribble that just dislodged guys to make space.

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