After months of travel ball building up to the first Live period of the season, we have finally reached our G3 Showcase. The event is set to have a ton of next-level prospects in addition to new faces worthy of attention from onlooking college coaches. The event will take place at Rock Hill, Indian Land, and Rock Hill Sports and Events Center from Friday through Sunday. We will take a quick look at some of the teams and players coaches should be watching, and this edition features Strong Center Jones.


Dylan Mann
Graham Moose

Greyson Land

Kaleb Smith

Matthew Foster

Sathvik Pal

Timothy Cable

What we’ve said:


“Mann continues to shine as a dependable piece for this group. Clear upside remaining but already finding success through his effort on the glass and touch as a finisher. Plays hard. Knows how to stay vertical and alter shots.”


“Moose is heavily involved in the action for this group. Reliable shooting threat with the ability to initiate the offense. Playing hard and battling defensively.”


“Land simply knows how to make his presence felt on both ends of the floor. Highly adaptable, versatile piece who plays hard and adjust to team needs. Rebounds, defends multiple positions, and scores as needed.”


“Smith has a very smooth game. He’s one of those kids you can tell knows how to play the game. Never tried to do too much. Got to his spots and knocked down shots.”


“Pal has really stepped up this weekend with a shorthanded crew, noticeably taking on more offensive responsibility scoring while still taking care of intangibles with a consistently calm manner that optimizes touches.

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