It has been stated on multiple occasions that North Carolina has a ton of young and rising talent to watch down the road, some of which you already know will be big-time talents. Talent though continues to come through the eastern part of the state and this past weekend in Rock Hill, we got a chance to learn names that many will be getting a chance to learn about down the road.

One program that seems to bring in that talent is East Carolina Elite, as they brought their 2024 team to Spring Tip-Off Classic.  They finished off the weekend with an undefeated record and a championship, but it gave us a nice glimpse of some of the young talent around the area.

2024 DaiDien Sutton is a name to really watch for, capturing the eyes of our scout Jeffrey Bendel. He has this to say about his game:

“He’s a big, strong, skilled wing prospect with an excellent frame, strong athleticism, and nice versatility on either end of the floor. Over the last year or so, Sutton has done a lot to develop his overall skillset and intrigue as a physical perimeter player. He’s able to defend multiple positions due to his combination of size, strength, and mobility while also making his presence consistently felt on the glass. Sutton is a quality finisher, capable of creating his own shot, and understands how to make a lasting impact in transition.”

2025 Hayes Oxendine is a young talent that scored in double-figures consistently, especially with his ability to knock down shots from the perimeter. Also add 2025 Malachi White from Pinehurst, who was incredibly dominant both scoring the ball but also on the boards, averaging around 12 points and 12 rebounds through three games.

Don’t forget others like 2024 5’11 Cole Evans who also scored the ball well and showed that he can be a threat from outside, and players like 2024 6’4 Amari Latham and 2024 6’0 Alex Rechetnikov as well.

All of which were part of the championship run and are young prospects to start writing down to watch towards the eastern part of North Carolina. 

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