What an event it was once again at the Phenom Post Grad/Prep Nationals, as here was so much talent to be found all around. College coaches were swarming the facility to check them out, and there were a few guards that grabbed my attention all throughout the event. Here are names that I personally viewed, that impressed throughout the weekend.

2023 Andre Wright (Speights Academy): Wright was a name that popped up quite a bit for me, and I really enjoyed what he showed throughout the event. One of the smaller guards, he has a big impact on the game. He has a quick burst, uses his speed well in transition and to get by defenders, and is simply a playmaker with the ball in his hands. Wright showed that he can be a scorer when needed from all over the court, or can create and set up his teammates. He certainly showed he isn’t afraid of the bright lights and stepped up when needed.

2023 Carlos Lopez (Feltrim Academy): Lopez was another guard that really impressed me throughout the event. Lopez was consistent all throughout and was incredibly strong with the ball in his hands. Lopez does a great job in breaking down defenders, being a strong ball-handler, has enough craft to create, and can hurt you in a variety of ways, whether it is getting downhill and paint touches or his ability to knock down shots with range.

2023 Lidon Pate (TSF National): Pate had a terrific event and stepped up big when his team needed. He is a 6’1 quick lead guard who competes on both ends and can be effective on both sides of the ball. Pate was able to step up big late and showcase his ability to be a strong offensive option, getting to the line, finishing strong, and finding ways to get paint touches. Tough overall guard for TSF, and he had a great overall event.

2023 Ryan Archey (Rocktop Academy): Archey is a 6’0 guard that had a very consistent showing throughout the event. Archey is a shifty guard that really showcased his ability to create for himself and for others. He puts consistent pressure on opponents, and is able to make so many plays off the dribble and get inside the defense. Archey was a very consistent threat and scorer throughout the event, putting up some impressive numbers.

2023 Omar Adegbola (Montverde PG): Adegbola is a 6’5 prospect that captured my eyes every time he played. There was just something that I really liked when watching this strong player on the court. Where he excels at the most is his ability to create and breakdown opponents, and really get downhill and attack the basket. Adegbola finished well through contact, was consistent in getting to the basket, and just brought a physical feel to the court that filled it up every time he played. Really liked his game.

2023 Nicolo Romanelli (DME PG): Romanelli was another point guard that just attracted my eyes, and is one that I wouldn’t mind having the ball in his hands. Romanelli is a high IQ, strong feel, and pure point guard that has a natural feel for the position. He sees the floor, excels in transition, doesn’t turn the ball over, and has that point guard mentality in getting everyone involved first before his offensive game.

2023 Cannon Keziah (Flight 22): Keziah was a familiar face on the court this past weekend, so we knew what we could be getting from the guard. But he continues to remind us about his ability to light it up from behind the arch, and how savvy he can be on the court. Keziah can really change a game with his outside feel, finds ways to get his shot off, and has strong range to his game. It was good to see him again and what he provides on the court.

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