2024 Brandon Jennings (Team PUSH VA): Jennings was strong all game long to start the day on Day 3.  The long-framed guard blended his game very well, whether it was creating and getting in the paint to finish or stepping out to knock down some key shots from outside.  Really liked his balance on the floor, picking his spots to be aggressive and finish strong through contact or get to the line.

2025 Amore Connelly (Carolina Heights): Connelly was quite impressive and was more demanding on the floor; he played with a bit of a chip on his shoulder on Day 3. Connelly though was impressive with the ball in his hands, showing off-the-charts athleticism, getting paint touches consistently, attacking defenders and getting to the line, and knocking a few mid-range shots down. There aren’t too many players in the 2025 class that has his blend of skill set, as he has a ton of upside to his game.

2025 LJ Rush (1of1): What a dynamic point guard on the floor Rush is, and he is one that just understands how to make plays and create for himself. When you watch his game, you have to notice his burst in blowing by defenders and finishing around defenders.  Such a creator and playmaker with the ball in his hands.

2025 Taye Smith (1of1): What you have to like and find impressive about Smith is that you don’t need to run sets for him to be effective on the floor. Smith has great size for his age, a good wingspan, and is one that plays with such a terrific motor.  Whether it is creating second-chance opportunities, just working hard on the glass, or altering shots on the defensive end, Smith just makes winning plays and is one that doesn’t need to be in the spotlight.

2024 Keveon Rodgers (Big Business Ballerz): Rodgers was extremely good all weekend long, as the two-sport athlete really opened eyes with how he can impact the game and how diverse he is on the floor. Whether it was handling and initiating the offense, defending multiple positions, operating strongly in the paint, seeing the floor, or getting on the glass, Rodgers just seemed to have his hand in everything for his team and helped him in a big way all weekend long.

2022 Malik Wilson (New Hope Gladiators): Wilson was off the charts on Day 3, as the big man averaged 25 points per game to help his team make a run and secure a championship. For a player his size, he was quite nimble, showcased some crafty handles, and finished with a nice touch on the floor. He had everyone watching and really helped carried the load for his team on championship Sunday.

2023 Will Brooks (York County Legends): Brooks had a terrific weekend and was a huge reason why his team earned the championship, even though this is a great team effort from everyone.  But Brooks was strong on all levels, really made terrific plays on the defensive end, and elevated his play offensively to show how he can be effective from multiple levels and create.  He finished with 26 points to lead his team to the championship.

2024 Drake Powell (CP3): Powell continues to showcase his smooth mid-range game and playmaking skills but once again, when his team needed him the most, he was able to lock up and showcase how elite of a defender he can be on the court. Down in the second half, Powell took on the challenge to slow down the Team Loaded offensive weapons and it was a gamechanger in helping his team secure the come-from-behind victory.

2024 Hampton Evans (Team Loaded): Evans continues to be an effective weapon for his team all summer long. With his frame and ability to operate/play multiple positions, he has shown that he can be a threat from inside and out, knocking multiple threes but also battling inside and finishing as well.  He led the charge for Team Loaded to end Day 3 with 15 points.

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