2026 Isaac Ellis (Moravian Prep): The youngest prospect on the court stepped up in a big way for his team, leading the charge with 22 points on Day 2 and showcasing a nice blend of playmaking and scoring ability. Ellis continues to showcase his ability to make plays and create off the dribble, finding his spots, finding small openings for his shot, and his quick release from three. Really liked his IQ in getting players in foul trouble as well. A competitive guard that did a great job scoring and showing more of his overall ability of being a point guard.

2023 Jordan Marsh (Moravian Prep):  It is something we have said countless times before but it is worth repeating every time we see him on the court.  Marsh is one of the quickest guards in the region, and shows it on a consistent basis. He is incredibly explosive for a guard at 5’10, with a quick first step, tremendous bounce, and his ability to get by defenders with ease. Marsh simply has continued to show why he is a tough guard to slow down.

2024 Jordan Durham (TBS): Durham had a strong showing in what was a battle between MP and TBS. Durham, a 6’4 prospect, made his impact felt on both sides of the ball.  A long player that was active defensively, defended well, and helped on the boards, but also did a great job in not settling and attacking the basket to finish well around the basket. Scored 15 points to help lead his team.

2023 Steven Lassiter (TBS): Lassiter is one of those underrated prospects that you just love what he brings and does for his team. The 6’7 prospect brings a ton of versatility to the floor with his size and skillset, showing his ability to operate from multiple levels, put on the deck and get to the basket, but also stretch the defense. Also liked his versatility on the defensive end.

2023 Freddie Dilione (Word of God): The Tennessee commit put on a show last year and you wouldn’t expect anything else, as he continued to play at a high level. Dilione’s ability to fill it up offensively is something special, as the game looks to slow down for him. He creates so well and does it in all areas, as he fills it up and does it with ease. He did that leading the way with 22 points, showing his ability to get downhill but knock down shots.

2023 Collin Tanner (Combine Academy): As we mentioned, fans at Richmond are going to really like having Tanner down the road. With Combine, Tanner does a great job in producing but not having to be in the spotlight. He does what is needed on both ends, produces when opportunities come, and steps up in key situations. That is what he did on Day 2.

2023 Silas Demary Jr (Combine Academy): Demary continues to lead the charge for this team and you can see that he isn’t afraid of the bright lights. Demary does an excellent job in being that lead guard that knows how to control the game, sees and reads the floor, and is able to penetrate and score tough baskets, but also find ways to make big plays in big situations.  He made huge plays late in the game.

2023 Davin Cosby Jr. (Word of God): Cosby Jr. was able to step up for his team and show that scoring capability that he has been able to do for quite some time. Cosby was able to get going in the second half, especially with his ability to step up and score from the perimeter, knocking down multiple threes to help his team. The Alabama commit continues to be such a tremendous scoring impact for his team.

2026 Kobe Edwards (Greenfield): Only a freshman, this is a young man that I’m positive you wil be hearing a lot more about. His feel for the game is far beyond his age, as he is a 6’0 long prospect that is electric with the ball in his hands, understands how to create and get inside the defense, and how tremendous speed with his game.

2023 John St. Germain (STAB): Germain was big for his team, especially late as the senior guard was able to play with great pace, create opportunities and get downhill, showcase his athleticism and physicality, and play with a strong IQ for the game. He was effective scoring, created and found his teammates well with seven assists, and was able to get to the line.

2025 Austin Williford (STAB): Williford is a new name personally for myself but he is one that just continued to stand out in my eyes. He is a 6’4 guard that was efficient on the floor, shot the ball well from the perimeter but also showed more of his bounce in scoring at the basket. He was active on the defensive end, helped out on the boards, and impressed with his versatility.

2024 Hampton Evans (Greenfield): Evans is a player that we have mentioned countless times before and we will continue to talk about with his production on the floor. He is a 6’5 prospect that has to play so many positions and understands that he has to play strong all over the floor. He does a great job in taking advantage of his matchup, scoring inside against smaller opponents but stretching the floor with his outside shot as well. 

2023 Stylz Gardner (Peninsula Catholic): Gardner stepped up big for his team in the second half, showing his capability to score the ball; whether it was big shots from three to ultimately help seal the deal or create off the bounce, Gardner has shown that he knows how o be one of the go-to guards to step up and be an offensive threat.

2024 Malcolm Velmar (Peninsula Catholic): The junior guard played well on Day 2, getting the game going with his ability to attack and get downhill but also using that aggressive mindset to get to the line. He stepped up and made some big plays, playing with a tough mindset throughout the game.

2023 Isaac Dobie (First Flight): Dobie did what he has always done on the floor, as he continues to display his to have a quick release and doesn’t need much space to find his shot. Dobie can be a big threat for his team and looks for his perimeter shot, as he plays with a ton of confidence with his three-point shooting.

2023 Eli Hawk (First Flight): I was impressed with the 6’6 big man, as he certainly has gotten bigger and stronger, and has really developed his game. He is a physical force down in the paint for his team, and he showed that as he battled all around the basket, finished through contact, and was physically empowering on the boards. Football-type frame and a bruiser.

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