2024 Martez James (Team Blessed): James was a player that we saw on Day 1, and he impressed once again. College coaches need to be looking his way, as James can be a bully on the floor but also brings a lot of production. Love his intensity and motor, always playing hard, attacking off the dribble, getting in the paint, and is relentless on the boards. Another big showing for the young man.

2024 Jerquarius Stanback (MidState): Stanback is a player that is quietly moving up the ranks and showing more of his potential. Stanback brings size, touch, and a strong presence down around the basket on both sides; whether it was blocking shots defensively or finishing with a nice touch around the basket. He also did a nice job in presenting the ability to step out as a forward.

2024 Josiah Love (MidState): Have to give credit to the guard, as he stepped up big for his team. Love hit big shot after big shot, getting to his spots from behind the arc and eventually hitting multiple threes in a big win. Without his shot-making ability in this game, his team wouldn’t be able to secure the victory. Great showing from Love overall.

2024 Sullivan Gay (Team Loaded CVA): Gay was impressive for his team; though his team was knocking down shots from behind the arc but he did a great job also in putting the ball on the deck, attacking the paint, finishing through contact, and getting to the line consistently all throughout.

2023 Ryan Evans (Cap City): Evans came up big, as he helped secure the comeback victory on Day 1 of Summer Havoc 2. Evans is a player that presents size and can present the ability to score inside and out. He has a confident release, as he showed when hitting the game-winning three but he is one that has stepped up at several events so far this season for Phenom Hoops.

2024 Bo Koebbe (Eastern Carolina Phenomz): Koebbe is a player that goes about his business and brings it each time we get a chance to view him. The 6’6 prospect is able to score and operate in a variety of ways, scoring inside and finishing strong but also is able to knock down shots off the bounce and from behind the arc. Very versatile player that can be used in a variety of ways, and impacts the game in several ways as well.

2025 Cedric Kenan (Team EAT): Kenan has been a leader on the floor all weekend long, and he impressed once again to start Session 2. Kenan is one that plays with so much passion and with something to prove. Time after time he is able to make strong plays and take his defender off the dribble, finishing strong and through contact. With his passion and ability to score strong, he looks to have a strong season and high school season.

2024 Jullian Mack (Grindhouse Lakers): Mack is a player we talked about having a big summer, and there is no shock that he continued that today. An absolute scorer on the court, Mack is able to fill it up in a big way, knocking down shots from outside with a ton of confidence but using his speed to create, attack, and get to the line consistently.

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