6’2 ’21 Damiene Boles (Bull City Charlotte Post Grad)

The well-rounded guard shined as a two-way leader for this Bull City Prep squad, constantly communicating, making plays, and impacting all facets of the game. He’s steady and makes intelligent decisions with the ball in his hands, which allows him to locate quality shots for others with unwavering consistency. Boles is a solid shooter, crafty penetrator, and effective all-around defender. He already has the tools and ability to attract next-level coaches. 

6’0 ’21 Richard Law (Winston-Salem Christian Post Grad)

The lethal shooting threat was easily one of the Lions’ more impressive performers throughout this showing. He showed the ability to set up the offense or work alongside another primary ball-handler to find scoring opportunities as an off-ball threat. Law displays great shooting mechanics and can get going off the catch or dribble. 

6’2 ’21 Evan Scott (Bull City Durham Post Grad) 

Bull City Durham PG offered a pretty balanced approach as a team, and Scott operated well as their main ball-handler and most productive scorer during this contest. He’s a strong-bodied guard with a fairly quick first step and the ability to score or create for others. Scott scored the ball from all levels and forced multiple turnovers with his defensive presence. 

6’0 ’22 Hamilton Campbell (Moravian Prep Regional)

It’s easy to appreciate the crafty point guard play of Campbell, given his unselfish, passer-friendly approach. He’s simply electric with the ball in his hands, able to consistently locate and make the best possible decision on nearly every possession. Campbell has improved as a shooter but still looks to attack the basket and setup others whenever possible. 

6’1 ’21 Aavanth Ezhilan (Franklin Prep)

There were numerous standouts for Franklin Prep, but few more reliable than Ezhilan operated with the ball in his hands. He possesses IQ, a calm demeanor, and sets up the offense with consistent poise. Ezhilan is a useful perimeter shooter with vision and unselfishness, which allowed him to regularly create for others. 

6’7 ’21 Josiah Dow (Juice All-Stars)

Although there were numerous standout performers for Juice All-Stars, Dow was easily one of their more productive players in this contest. His strong, sturdy interior presence naturally led to an abundance of rebounds on both ends of the floor. Dow is active on the offensive glass but also highlights the ability to face up or score with his back to the basket. 

5’9 ’23 Jason Hancock (NC Bulls)

The crafty, smooth guard was easily one of the timeliest contributors for this squad, especially given his second-half showing. He is a useful ball-handler with a reliable jumper and the ability to create off the bounce. Hancock made plays in transition and proved capable of setting up others or finding scoring opportunities within the flow of the offense. 

6’7 ’21 Ashton Howard (Moravian Prep Post Grad)
There are quite a lot of intriguing prospects in the frontcourt of this squad, which certainly includes Howard. Though he wasn’t necessarily their focal point on offense, his length, athleticism, and defensive presence allowed him to make a nonstop impact throughout this contest. Howard finished above the rim and through contact while also displaying great shot-blocking instincts within the paint. 

6’4 ’23 Comeh Emuobor (Bull City Prep)

It’s easy to see the appeal with Emuobor, who almost seems unfair as a prospect in the Class of 2023. He’s long, athletic, and offers a lot on both ends of the floor. Emuobor is a very tough, rugged defender with great instincts and anticipation. That being said, he also displays IQ and a quality amount of skill. Emuobor scores the ball efficiently from multiple levels and can run the offense when necessary. 

6’3 ’24 Bishop Boswell (SBC)

Despite being one of the youngest players on the entire roster, Boswell should already have obvious appeal to college coaches. Between his IQ, pace, and well-rounded skillset, he’s way ahead of majority of prospects at his age level. Boswell handles the ball and runs a team with incredible poise, but can also play alongside another primary ball-handler and make plays. He’s crafty and scores the ball with relative ease from all levels. Certainly one to monitor, as he could be special. 

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