6’7 ’25 Jeremiah Morris (Virginia Havoc)

It doesn’t take long to be enticed by Morris, as he’s a long, strong, athletic forward who offers versatility on both ends of the floor. At 6-foot-7, he possesses IQ, skill, and a terrific build. Offensively, Morris is comfortable posting up around the basket, moving without the ball, or attacking off the dribble. He finishes above the rim and well through contact, but is also capable of knocking down jumpers at a respectable rate. Morris is a willing passer who makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands. He secures rebounds at a strong rate and knows when to push in transition. Definite scholarship-level prospect who could certainly appeal to Division I schools.

6’3 ’30 Aaron Hornaker (Team Takeover)

Although very young, it could be argued that Hornaker was the most appealing long-term prospect in attendance. It starts with his physique, maturity, and defensive instincts—all of which exceed the level of his peers. Hornaker is only eleven years old yet shows flashes of pure dominance defensively. He’s terrific at altering/blocking shots while consistently involving himself in the rebounding battle. That being said, Hornaker is actually quite skilled for his size and age. He’s comfortable finishing off cuts or post-ups, but also displays IQ and great passing sense. So much can happen over the coming years, but it’s clear that Hornaker has the tools, coaching, and foundation to be a special prospect.

6’3 ’30 Khyri Tomlinson (Team Takeover)

In a similar vein, Tomlinson was likely the most dominant player on display. He’s also an incredibly young player with size, skill, and obvious upside. However, Tomlinson impressed through his incredibly complete offensive identity. It’s worth noting that he’s an overwhelming defender and rebounder, but simply unable to be contained offensively. Whether posting up, attacking off the bounce, or hitting jumpers along the perimeter, every option seemed like a guaranteed avenue to points. Tomlinson simply makes the game look easy. He’s comfortable initiating the offense, creating for others, or asserting himself as a focal point. Like his teammate, Tomlinson has the potential to become a noteworthy name.

6’4 ’26 Trey Fitch (Playmakers UA Rise)

While it was easy to appreciate the balance of this Playmakers squad, Fitch found ways to consistently stand out as a difference-maker. He’s a smooth shot-maker with IQ, size, and defensive prowess. Fitch is capable of creating and scoring the ball from all levels, but is more than comfortable applying pressure as a spot-up threat from beyond the arc. He plays hard, does the dirty work, and shows adaptability on both ends of the floor. Given his status as a prospect in the Class of 2026, there’s already a lot to like.

5’9 ’25 LJ Vaughan (Team Loaded 804)

Despite being the smallest player listed, Vaughan is a name worthy of attention from next-level programs. His lack of size shouldn’t deter college coaches, as his high IQ, controlled pace, and strong understanding of how to run a team make him a natural leader and real problem for opponents. Vaughan is great at being patient, picking his spots, and putting the ball in the best possible scoring position. He finishes well for his size, knocks down jumpers at a nice percentage, and stands out as a terrific passer. Add in his defensive presence, and it’s easy to envision him being a major piece wherever he continues his playing career.

6’5 ’25 Tre Miller (Team Loaded 757)

There are so many college-level players within this roster, and that certainly includes Miller. At 6-foot-5, he’s a strong, versatile forward who provides a high motor and quality feel for the game on both ends of the floor. Miller is a workhorse who rebounds and secures second-chance opportunities at a quality rate. He finishes well around the basket with either hand and is capable of attacking off the bounce or asserting himself as a shooter from midrange or beyond the arc. Miller is also a reliable defender who shows a willingness to sacrifice his body when necessary. He will carve out a meaningful role at the next level.

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