2026 6’3 AJ Washington – Davidson Day

Washington comes from South Carolina and will be joining a very good roster at Davidson Day that will include 2025 Isaiah Denis and 2026 William Stevens.  Washington, a 6’3 guard, will certainly help open up the offense even more and give this roster another scoring option, as he is one that can consistently knock down shots and create with a good pace and feel.  With Washington joining this roster, it just gives this team another option and not be so dependent on a few players. Expect him to make even more noise this season for a team that has championship aspirations once again.

2025 6’6 Treyvon Maddox – Combine Academy

You will see a few new names that will be joining Combine Academy this upcoming season, and we will start off with a 6’6 athletic prospect in Trey Maddox. He has already been playing with them this summer at the DMV Live, and Maddox was regarded as one of (if not the) top prospects in his class down in South Carolina. He has length, size, athleticism, and fluidity that can get you out of your seat, finishing at the rim, making plays from a variety of levels, and continuing to develop his perimeter game. He will be regarded as one of the top players here in North Carolina.

2025 6’3 Kaden Magwood – Combine Academy

Another player for Combine Academy, Magwood is one that we recently talked about and fully expect him to be a big name talked about throughout the season with what he will show. Magwood looks ready and poised to take over the state and show why he is a Top-100 guard. He can score in so many ways, has a quick burst in his game, creates well out in transition and off the bounce, finishes high at the rim, and can be electric from the perimeter.

Article: https://www.phenomhoopreport.com/2025-kaden-magwood-combine-academy-ready-to-put-north-carolina-on-notice/

2025 6’9 Cheikh Diebakhate – Combine Academy

Lastly, another player that you will be hearing more about and is intriguing with what we saw the other day. He has size, fluidity, and is active on both sides of the court, making a presence both offensively and defensively.  Diebakhate really showed flashes in his potential and development, as we broke down more of his game in our latest article.

Article: https://www.phenomhoopreport.com/2025-69-cheikh-diebakhate-combine-academy-is-a-name-to-learn-in-north-carolina/

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