Here are some of the standouts that really shined Saturday afternoon at Proehlific Park for the Junior Phenom Event. Thank you all who came out, as it was a great event as always.

Check out who made the early list, as we will releasing all evaulations for the event later down the road.

#105 Joshua Beadle (Team 4)

  • True point guard that can really handle the ball and point. Quick on offense and defense and displayed great court vision. Getting out in the open and getting his teammates involved stood out early. Knock down outside shots but can get into the paint to score with contact. Upcoming player in South Carolina.

#143 Jaden Bradley (Team 3)

  • At 5’9, good size and nice handles. Knows how to attack the basket and get buckets, making it look easy at times. With his size, he could easily translate later on into a nice size wing that certainly only could get better and one to watch for the 2022 class in North Carolina.

#201 Bennett Smith (Team 4)

  • Big man with size at 6’4. Shows that he is capable of being a threat down low and showed nice skills on defense blocking a few shots. He also was able get his defender outside the paint and either knock down some shots or use his quickness and size to get to the rim. If he continues to grow, he could be a good forward that can stretch his game outside.

#129 Tyler Gill (Team 3)

  • Tremendous hands on defense and was impressed early with his quickness. Solid guard that controls his team at point. Has nice vision in the open court and is always looking to get his teammates involved. Under control with the ball in his hand.

#66 Jacobi Wright (Team 8)

  • Crafty guard with nice handles. Showed different ways to score and how to get by his opponent. Had 21 points in Game 1 for his team, the leading scorer. Really like his game attacking the basket with his wingspan. Hustles all over the court.

#56 Caron McCorkle (Team 12)

  • This kid can flat out score the basketball, scoring 35 points in Game 1 and really has a nice shooting touch on the court. Can hit it from the inside and outside, knocking five three’s in that Game 1 victory. At 5’11 already in the 2020 class, this Raleigh native could be the next star in the area.

#165 Christopher Ford (Team 16)

  • Already coming in ranked high on several lists, we were interested to see more of this talented forward. This young man has a solid frame already for such a young prospect and really works well down low in the paint. Has a nice touch around the basket. Already nearing 6’0 for the 2021 class, Ford could easily develop into a solid forward down low and he certainly shows the capable talent.

#131 Terence Harcum (Team 15)

  • This young man is a very crafty guard. Nice jump shot but quick in the open court and getting to the lane. Also showed that he can finish with contact. Competes on both ends of the floor.

#164 Cole Shehan (Team 6)

  • 6’0 prospect that has length and good size. With his ability, he would certainly be a mismatch in several areas on the court, whether it is shooting and taking a big man off the dribble, or posting up the smaller opponent. Shows that he can control the rock and athletic wing player.

#132 Zion Harmon (Team 14)

  • This young kid, part of the 2021 class in NC, can simply do it all and if he continues to develop his game, there certainly is a possibility that he could be ranked #1 in the state and a Top 25 guy nationally. He can score in several ways with a nice flick of the wrist from the outside, while looking smooth as he attacks the basket. Did gamble a few times and would like to see lockdown defense more, which could make him the ultimate package. But overall, you have to be impressed with what this kid can do. High major talent

#191 Jaden Springer (Team 18)

  • The biggest scoring threat of the Junior Phenom was 2020 6’2 prospect Jaden Springer from Lighthouse Christian. Scored 31 points in Game 1 and followed that up with a 43 points performance. I didn’t matter what they threw at him, he simply was unstoppable and there is no questions that this kid is a talent where ever he is on the court. He finished the day with a 36 point outburst in Game 3.

#95 Elijah Metcalf (Team 1)

  • Might be the fastest guard playing Saturday afternoon. His skill is off the charts and talking to others around, he certainly has the talent to be a big time point guard. His handles and quickness to the rim stands out immediately but he certainly has the talent to do so much on the court. If he continues to work hard, he could be an elite point guard.
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