By; DeAjai Dawkins

6’3 2022 Evan Smith (ACE Elite 17U)

Evan has performed like a high-level guard all weekend, distributing and scoring at a balanced pace. He’s starting to create with less dribbles than before. This is one player that’s in a prime position to lead coming into this high school season, and his recruitment will likely benefit. 

6’1 2022 Jazian Gortman (PCH Nightrydas 17U)

Jazian is already one of the country’s most talked about prospects this AAU period. Today, what impressed me was his ability to defend at a high level. His long arms are disturbing passing lanes every possession, as he heads his team’s half court trap. Blazing speed in the open floor.

6’3 2022 KC Shaw (PSB Elite Roberson 17U)

Coming off an All-Conference season for Mooresville High School, KC is put on a scoring clinic today. KC commanded baskets through isolations and used his length to finish at the rim. He’s so difficult to stay in front of, and if you do, it’s harder to avoid fouling him.

6’8 2023 Kaleb Siler (Rod Howard Select 17U)

Kaleb is one of the more reliable low-post prospects of the weekend. He has soft hands with developing footwork and is able to operate effectively in the low post. Siler has proved time and time again that he’s one of the more useful big man prospects in each tournament he plays in. He has the tools to put up big numbers at the high school level.

5’8 2022 Koby Poole (Rod Howard Select 17U)

Kobe was one of the most motivated defenders I’ve seen this weekend. He’s a pest on that end, scrapping for steals possession after possession. His primary role is to make the opposing lead guard uncomfortable. Offensively, he’s capable of scoring from the perimeter and has the quickness to get by slower defenders.

6’5 2023 Brandon Dufore (Team Rogue 17U)

Brandon is an solid wing prospect with a diverse set of defensive capabilities to complement his shooting touch. His height and length allow him to operate in the low post at the high school level. He can defend at the rim as well as keep up with quicker players on the perimeter.

6’0 2022 Richard Black (Team Synergy 2022)

Richard performed as a focal point of his team’s offense providing both scoring and facilitation from the guard position. He was confident enough to take tough shots against adequate defenders and proved to me that he’s capable of leading.

6’5 2023 Leslie Owens (PSB Elite Larkin 17U)

Leslie is a well-built wing prospect with rebounding capabilities and a high defensive ceiling. He currently is capable of rim-protecting and finish through contact when driving to the rim. I believe he’ll grow out of his offensive modesty and could start using his frame to truly dominate on that end.

6’3 2023 Brandon Nelson (PSB Elite Larkin 17U)

Brandon is a lead guard that’s developing his composure by the weekend. He has a tight handle and successfully executes combos in both half-court settings and transition. I’ve been familiar with Brandon for some time now, watching him excel in different settings, things seem to be tying together now.

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