Who impressed us at the VA Top 80 at the wing position. Find out here.

Virginia Top 80 Standouts

Top Wings

The Virginia Top 80 brings together the 80 best players in the state, regardless of class, regardless of position. It allows the big name guys to jostle for position and ranking and it allows the over looked guys to go right at the highest ranked kids to find their place.

This event was no different, however the common thread between all of them is they all competed. Every player touched the ball consistently, plays were made in the half court, and guys took pride in defense.

Today I am going to cover the wing position. Here are the guys who showed out during the day:

Xavier Green 6’6” Junior – Williamsburg Christian – Team Loaded

Green has caught a lot of intrigue over the past year. The combination of his size and his court sense has created a stir for his uniqueness. Many think he could wind up playing point guard at the next level. I am not quite ready to say that, however in this event Green showed he could be a high level wing. Green made shots, and lots of them. He made shots from beyond the arc, off the dribble pull-up, and in attacking the rim. When you combine his court size with the shooting ability he showed in this event, that looks like a high level wing.

Harold Baruti 6’5” Junior – Mountain Mission

Baruti is an explosive wing. Originally coming from The Congo, where Baruti played almost exclusively in the post. His move to Grundy, Va, a year ago, also brought him out to the wing. This event showed that Baruti is a quick learner, he knocked down multiple deep shots with confidence and a quick release. As Baruti continues to enhance his ball skills, his natural explosion and defensive abilities show the sky could be the limit here.

Brandon Slater 6’5” Freshman – Paul VI – Team Takeover

The left handed Slater is a big time athlete. He has a long and lanky frame, but displays in-game ability at multiple levels. Paul VI plays a national type schedule and Slater was able to work his way into the rotation for a good amount of court time. The first thing that sticks out to you about Slater is his ability above the rim. Slater also showed good touch beyond the arc and a good handle for two to three dribbles toward the rim.

Motor = Production
Damontez Oliver 6’6” Junior – Deep Run HS – River City Reign
Oliver has a good frame, is strong, and explosive. However, 6’6” athletes are a dime a dozen in camp, so what do you do to stick out from the rest' Oliver took this challenge with a non-stop motor. He rebounded, he defended, and he attacked. Very intriguing day.

Shooters Can Play
Jakub Mijakowski 6’7” Junior – Mountain Mission – West Virginia Wildcats
Mijakowski can shoot the ball. He consistently has deep range, a quick release, and soft touch. Mijakowski also showed he was willing to mix it up and battle in the paint. Mijakowski finished above the rim in transition and gathered some tough rebounds throughout the day.

Explosive, Out of No Where
Travius Smith 6’2” Junior – Lake Taylor HS – Team Loaded 757
Smith showed up to the event as an alternative, however Smith did not take much time to show that he belonged. Smith is an explosive downhill wing. He plays on both ends of the court with an attacking manner, and consistently produced in camp.

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