Find all the evaluations for Team 5 from the Virginia Top 80

The Virginia Top 80 is the most prestigious showcase camp in the state. In this annually held camp, we utilize scouts, coaches, and programs to help us identify the 80 best players Virginia has to offer. Virginia is traditionally a basketball hotbed, and that tradition is not slowing down anytime soon.

Phenom Hoops likes to provide a platform for every kid that supports our events, so here is a write up for each kid in attendance.

Virginia Top 80 – Team 5
Head Coach – Troy Manns (LC Bird HS)

#8 5’11” 2017 Ryan Jones – Smithfield (Smithfield)
From the opening whistle, Jones exuded leadership qualities. He is a very quick lead guard, that understood team play and had a good basketball IQ. Jones showed good ability to make jump shots, from both the mid-range and beyond the arc. As Jones continues to grow, we would like to see him develop his ability to move off the ball.

#24 6’2” 2018 Michael Cunningham – Heritage School (Newport News)
Cunningham displayed a great attitude throughout camp, and showed great effort and acceptance of coaching. He showed great comfort scoring the ball, showing deep range along with the ability to score in the mid-range. As he continues to grow, we would like to see Cunningham work on the ability to make his team mates better.

#25 6’2” 2018 Joe Foley – Woodberry Forest (Woodberry Forest)
Foley was a great revelation during camp, and really used the platform to make a name for himself. Foley has great attitude to go along with his high court IQ. Foley showed good range on a quick release as well as the ability to get into the lane and make good decisions. As Foley continues to progress, we look for him to develop his lateral quickness.

#31 6’3” 2016 Donald Hicks – Oscar Smith (Chesapeake)
Hicks came into camp with a good attitude and worked hard in the drills. There is no denying that Hick’s calling card is his ability to score. He is an outside in kind of scorer who made shots off the catch as well as both ways off the bounce. We would like to see Hicks be more engaged on the defensive end, but he can rack up buckets quickly.

#41 6’4” 2016 Tahj Eason – Warwick HS (Newport News)
Eason came into camp with a good attitude, and took well to the coaching and drills put in front of him. He shot the ball well from range and showed the ability to be a good defender in the half court. Moving forward we would like to see Eason get strong with the ball.

#53 6’5” 2018 Brandon Slater – Paul VI (Fairfax)
Slater walked into the gym with a long, lanky frame and a reputation for explosive fireworks at the rim. He was certainly able to live up to these expectations through camp. Slater had a great attitude in camp, he worked very hard and displayed a good basketball IQ. Slater had multiple finishes above the rim, and showed scoring ability in the mid-range. As his game continues to grow, we would like to see him work on his effort off the ball.

#56 6’6” 2016 Andrew Corum – Middleburg Academy (Middleburg)
Corum had a great state playoff run, and carried that momentum over to the Top 80 camp. Corum is a high motor producer, who showed ability off the bounce and around the rim. Corum showed the ability to defend off the ball, we would like to see him develop his ability on the ball. It was a very productive day for Corum.

#57 6’6” 2017 Jordan Cross – Millwood School (Midlothian)
Cross walked into the gym with a great frame, as well as a great work ethic. He worked hard going through the drills, and took coaching very well. Cross’s calling card is his ability to score. He is a highly athletic player from the wing. As Cross continues to grow in his game we would like to see him improve more in the mid-range. It was a great performance, there is lots to like about Cross’s future.

#65 6’7” 2016 JJ Matthews – Millwood School (Midlothian)
Matthews came into camp with a good attitude and work ethic. He has a very strong and burly frame that helped him finish well from 15 feet and in. Matthews showed the ability to play good defense off the ball, and he rebounded his area well. As Matthews progresses we would like to see him get his conditioning and ability to see the floor.

#78 6’10” 2017 John Salley – Benedictine (Richmond)
There is a lot to like about Salley and what he does on the court. It is obvious that each time out, he gets better. Salley has good length and athleticism and a great attitude that seems to absorb attempt to apply all information given to him. As Salley keeps developing and growing we are eager to see his coordination continue to improve.

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