Find all the evaluations for Team 4 from the Virginia Top 80.

The Virginia Top 80 is the most prestigious showcase camp in the state. In this annually held camp, we utilize scouts, coaches, and programs to help us identify the 80 best players Virginia has to offer. Virginia is traditionally a basketball hotbed, and that tradition is not slowing down anytime soon.

Phenom Hoops likes to provide a platform for every kid that supports our events, so here is a write up for each kid in attendance.

Virginia Top 80 – Team 4
Head Coach – Robert Churchwell (Benedictine)

#4 5’10” 2017 Iziah James – Cape Henry School (Virginia Beach)
James came into camp with a very competitive attitude. He has an attacking mind, on both ends of the floor. James’ Camp Coach Robert Churchwell stated, “Iziah has an excellent ability to control a game. He has a high motor and a solid game IQ.” James got into the lane well, we would like to see him continue to develop his jump shot.

#13 6’ 2016 Deonte Porter – Greenbrier Christian (Chesapeake)
Porter had a good attitude and was very inquisitive and accepting of coaching. He showed the ability to score in the mid-range and beyond the arc. As Porter continues in his career, we would like to see him improve his ability to play within the team setting.

#16 6’1” 2016 Maliek White – George Wythe HS (Richmond)
White is a high energy player who plays with a huge chip on his shoulder. Offensively White scored the highest marks, getting excellent across the board. White also scored excellent in the half-court defense and with his attitude toward camp. In each game, White matched up against other high level guards and carried a great performance. White’s Camp Coach Robert Churchwell stated, “Maliek has a very good all-around game.”

#20 6’1” 2018 Keith Holmes – Bishop Sullivan (Virginia Beach)
Holmes has been coming to our NC Phenom 150 camps for some time. He carries a great frame and seems to get an inch taller each time we see him. Holmes came into the camp with a great attitude, and gave maximum effort throughout the day. As Holmes continues to grow, he will naturally get stronger and more confident.

#22 6’1” 2016 Matthew Stevenson – Hargrave Military (Chatham)
Stevenson came into camp with a great attitude, he took well to coaching and took very well to the coaching. Stevenson has a good lengthy frame, and showed well in catch and shoot situations. He also did well rebounding the ball and displayed a high motor. Moving forward, we would like to see Stevenson work on his ball skills and continue adding strength.

#29 6’2” 2018 Deandre Thomas – Benedictine (Richmond)
Thomas entered the camp with a great attitude and mentality. His high motor really shined on the defensive end. Thomas’ Camp Coach Robert Churchwell stated, “Deandre is a freshman with a high ceiling and major potential.” As he continues to improve we would like to see Thomas further develop his strength and ball skills in the half court.

#36 6’3” 2016 Robert Smith – Phoebus HS (Hampton)
Smith walked into the gym as one of the better overall athletes participating. He attacked the rim with purpose and was able to finish above the rim. We would like to see Smith be more consistent with his effort, but when he is engaged his motor runs hot. Smith has the demensions to be a very good perimeter defender.

#51 6’5” 2016 Damontez Oliver – Deep Run HS (Glen Allen)
Oliver had a great attitude for the camp, and he came in with a high motor working hard throughout both the drills and games sessions. Oliver’s Camp Coach Robert Churchwell stated, “Damontez is a very good player. He has good size, a good motor, and showed the ability to score at all 3 levels.” Oliver showed the ability to defend multiple positions and made shots all over the floor. Was a great day for him.

#58 6’6” 2016 Josh Good – Luray HS (Luray)
Good had a great attitude coming into camp. At this point in his development, his offensive game is more advanced than his defense. He showed range beyond the three point arc, and also finished a few above the rim. As he continues to develop we would like to see him continue to develop his strength along with his confidence.

#68 6’8” 2018 Dimitri Georgiadis – Trinity Catholic (Richmond)
It was great to watch Georgiadis during camp because of his work ethic. Even though he was one of the younger participants in camp, he displayed a confident offensive repertoire. Georgiadis’ Camp Coach Robert Churchwell stated, “Dimitri is a good young Freshman prospect. He has a high ceiling with continued hard work.” As he continues to progress we would like to see him continue to pay attention to his footwork and hips. Good day for the young man.

#74 6’9” 2016 Jethro Tshisumpa – Mountain Mission (Grundy)
Walking onto the court Tshisumpa passes the look test. He has a big, strong, and explosive body that carries a 7’6” wing span on a 260 pound frame. Tshisumpa’s Camp Coach Robert Churchwell stated, “Jethro has a big time body, and is an excellent weak side defender. A lot of the categories given don’t describe the impact he has on the game. Kid has a man’s body and MAJOR potential.” We loved Tshiumpa’s motor and his attempt to tear the rim off the backboard each time.

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