Some of the top under the radar talent from across 9 states in our region, gathered this weekend in Greensboro, NC to participate in front of over 100 college coaches at Phenom’s Southern Jam Live.

Some of the top under the radar talent from across 9 states in our region, gathered this weekend in Greensboro, NC to participate in front of over 100 college coaches at Phenom’s Southern Jam Live. These players showed out, and many of them picked up offers along the way (some were made public and some were asked to be kept quiet).

Here is a listing of the top performers, who consistently put out high level and turned the heads of multiple college coaches.

6’6” 2018 Isaiah Bigelow
Team Felton Elite (NC)

We remain perplexed for how Bigelow only carries two Division 1 offers. In fact, we said numerous times this weekend that every school in North Carolina (not in the ACC) should have offered Bigelow. He is that talented, with that kind of upside. Standing at a lengthy 6’6”, Bigelow is an advanced 3-level scorer. He shoots the ball with deep range and a cat-quick release. He is athletic when attacking the rim and has great footwork in shot prep. Bigelow averaged over 20 points per game, shooting over 50% from the field. He picked up multiple offers after this event, and more are sure to be rolling in.

6’5” 2018 BJ Fitzgerald
434 Elite Ballers (VA)

Production is the name of Fitzgerald’s game, he just puts up stats across the board. Fitzgerald has a great basketball frame, with good strength and great length. He played as the primary ball handler for this team, however he is a long term wing at the collegiate level. Fitzgerald averaged 31 points per game for the event and shot around 48% from the field. He also rebounded well and showed good vision. He need to tighten some things, but there is no question Division 1 schools should be in love with him.

6’3” 2019 Caleb Mills
Team Vision (NC)

Mills used July to solidified himself as one of the top scorers in the region. His offensive ability is so smooth, and scoring comes so effortless for him. He has great length with a natural and confident handle and a quick and easy release from his comfort areas. This July he picked up 4 Division 1 offers, and the fact he is only a rising junior shows that that number doesn’t even scratch the ceiling for how many he will receive.

6’5” 2018 Kaeleb Carter
Higher Level (VA)

Carter was one of the best defenders and downhill wings in the event. With his size and length he can, comfortably, defender the 1-3 positions at the next level. Depending on opponent and scheme, he could also (possibly) spend some time defending the 4. The lefty is a great athlete with a sense of urgency. He scored the ball well, averaging over 20 per game. He also passes the ball very well, with a high IQ. It was a great event for Carter and he should have a good number of D1 schools tracking him into his high school season.

6’3” 2018 TJ Brown
Lower Richland Promise (SC)

Along with Love, Brown may be the breakout performers of Phenom’s Southern Jam Live. The long 6’3” point guard has true combo ability with the way he handles the ball and read the floor coupled with his ability to score at all 3 levels. He displayed both abilities throughout the weekend going for 30+ in two games and dishing for 10+ assists in two games. He is a mid level guard, with upside still to go.

6’8” 2018 Silas Love
Raid Nation (NC)

Along with Brown, Love may be the breakout performer of Phenom’s Southern Jam Live. Love was the unofficial (official) MVP of his 17u bracket championship game finishing with 25 points, 25 boards, 4 blocks and 3 steals. It was a totally dominate output. Love is a tough rebounder and defender and he showed ball skills and the ability to get downhill and/or finish above the rim. Coming in with no D1 offers, expect that to change drastically.

6’2” 2018 Cooper Robb
Tennessee Bobcats (TN)

Robb was possibly the best passer we saw this July, let alone in Phenom’s Southern Jam. He has great court sense, able to whip the ball around with pin point accuracy across the floor. Robb has a great frame and the ability to get where he wants on the floor. You can see his mind working sometimes in getting caught between passing the ball around and being able to score any time he wants it, but there is no questioning the fact he is a very good point guard. Robb averaged 15 points, 10 boards and 7 assists throughout the event. He showed off an incredibly impressive skill set, one that should net him at least 8 more D1 offers than the lone D1 Presbyterian offer he holds.

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