In the second edition of off-season blueprint for players we will be focusing on the shooting guard position. Historically some of the greatest players to arguably ever play basketball played the shooting guard position. It’s a position that if played well on both ends of the floor, could be a major asset in most team’s success.

Great shooting guards know where they are most effective on the floor and consistently put themselves in position to catch the basketball in those spots. If you like catching the basketball on the right wing vs. the left wing, get there and make a play for your team. Great shooting guards have also mastered the mid-range position. Jordan, Kobe and Wade all have great mid-range pull up jump shots. The current generation of shooting guards; Harden, Thompson, Derozan all consistently knockdown pull up jump shots as well. If you want to be nearly unguardable; knockdown spot ups, master the mid-range and be able to finish at the basket!

Shooting Guard Points Of Emphasis

– Create own shot in 2 or 3 dribbles

– Get open without a screen

– Able to make plays using screens

– Handle the basketball well enough to relieve pressure from PG position

– Knockdown 1 or 2 dribble mid-range pull-up jumper 70% or higher while unguarded

– Knockdown spot-up 3pt shots 60% or higher while unguarded

– Able to score out of triple threat in 2 or 3 dribbles

– Lockdown defender!

– Sprint the floor consistently in transition

– Mentally tough (your teams will need you to knock down big shots, so you must have short term memory even if you’re having a tough shooting game!)

– Able to pass on time and on target in the half court

– Able to finish through contact

– Be a great free throw shooter!

* As stated in the point guard edition

As a player, you should focus primarily on 1 or 2 things each summer to add to your game. Why' Because you will give yourself enough time to master the new skill you are trying to add, and you will be able to execute the skill come game time confidently. It’s better to be great at a few specific skills, than average everything.

Work hard. Work smart, and dominate the competition!

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Bryan Burrell
New Age Elite Sports

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