Two years ago at the NC Phenom 150 Session 2 fall evaluation camp, we stated “Henderson is a name to put in your memory bank. We really like his size, skill set and overall floor leadership especially for a freshman.

His basketball IQ, court vision and understanding are advanced for his age/grade.” Since then, Henderson has been on our radar and has attended many individual and team events by Phenom Hoop Report. However, his life drastically changed back in June. Henderson plays for North Rowan High School and his varsity basketball team was playing in a one day team camp at Catawba College.

In our Henderson Lentz recovering article, we wrote “After feeling somewhat dizzy and blurry eyed during the game, Henderson walked over to the sideline where he collapsed. During this time, Henderson had stopped breathing and fortunately the North Rowan JV coach administered CPR for fifteen minutes before the EMS could get there. Facing a life and death situation, Henderson had stop breathing and his heart had stopped. Once EMS arrived, they immediately gave his electric shock to get his heart back beating.”

After this life and death episode, Henderson had a series of tests and evaluations on his heart and brain. He eventually had heart surgery to implant a medical device called a defibrillator. A heart defibrillator is often used to enable the heart to start beating if it has stopped. Since his June 18th surgery, Henderson has gone through a series of tests and so far the results have been favorable. Today, we received a message via Twitter (see below) that stated Henderson was “blessed and thankful to be able to continue playing the game I love.”

In speaking with Henderson’s sister Alyce, she stated he is going quite well. He has passed all his tests and has one more major stress test that he will have to take. This stress test will be in approximately four weeks. If everything goes well, Henderson would have a chance and opportunity to play the game he devoutly loves. For Henderson Lentz, the road to recovery has been a life and death situation.

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