Now that we’ve reached the month of July, basically every game represents the opportunity for players to be seen, evaluated, and offered by college coaches. While this notion is more applicable to seniors, several juniors and multiple sophomores will inevitably put themselves on the radars of next-level programs. Over the next few months, we will take a closer look at various players who should warrant attention as scholarship-level prospects. The intent of this article series is simply to provide breakdowns of guys who coaches should know about. We will continue by looking at Christian Ananaba of Southeast Raleigh High School.

Let’s be clear, coaches of all levels want athletic, versatile wings who can make decisions with the ball in their hands. Given everything we’ve seen across our various viewings, Ananaba certainly fits the bill. Not only is he a powerful athlete with excellent physical tools, but he also possesses the feel and skillset to cause a ton of problems for opponents. While his explosive finishes are sure to capture the attention of spectators, Ananaba sets the tone in various different ways. He stands out as a leader through his toughness, confidence, and general intensity on both ends of the floor. Ananaba has shown the ability to create for himself and others while applying scoring pressure from all levels. On the other end of the floor, he’s a capable rebounder who defends multiple positions effectively. Ananaba utilizes his 6-foot-6 frame extremely well to force turnovers and make plays in transition.

It’s actually quite perplexing that Ananaba appears to be somewhat of an unknown to college coaches. Between everything listed above and the fact that he’s in the Raleigh area, he should undoubtedly have more action within his recruitment. There are a lot of similar players who have enjoyed notable levels of success in the college game. It’s truly the perfect time for schools to get involved with Ananaba, as it feels like his blow-up during the high school season is almost inevitable at this point.  

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