Wendell Moore came into the CP3 Rising Stars Camp with a lofty reputation. He has size, strength, athleticism and an advanced skill set. In addition, he has an unbelievable basketball IQ that is simply beyond his years. Wendell has a mature approach to the game and will be in the national conversation as one of the top five prospects in his class.

Last October, we watched Wendell at the NC Junior Phenom camp and stated the following, “ Wendell is an elite player. He does so many things well, plus he is a high level player nationally. The game comes so easy to him. While Wendell was the top player at camp, he demonstrated an unselfishness that is not often seen by player with his ability. His skill set and athleticism was off the chart for his age/grade, but his maturity on and off the court spoke volume.”

At the CP3 Rising Stars camp, Wendell camp with a national five reputation. He had a huge target on his back and his play strongly reinforced why he will continue to be in the national conversation as one of the top players in the country for his class. His game is one of efficiency and his play in the Dunk Dog All American game was a glowing example.

In eight minutes of play, Wendell went 6-9 from the floor for a total of 12 points while collecting four rebounds. Wendell has tremendous play making abilities for his size/position and his feel for the game is simply off the charts.

Wendell has the ability to take over a game, but what impresses you most about him is his team first approach to the game. He has excellent facilitating abilities and could play the PG position. More importantly, Wendell is such a humble and high character young man.

There is absolutely zero cockiness to this young man. In speaking with him off the court, he has a “shy” smile and grin. He is well grounded and has not allowed all the success go to this head which would be easy to do. Yes, he has the complete package on the basketball court, but it is quite clear Wendell has it all together all the court as well.

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