5’11 ’19 Khalil Robinson is the “glue guy” every team needs to be successful, especially when you play for the Team United 2019 squad. Like the pieces of a puzzle, you have all shapes and sizes that fit together and Khalil Robinson is just that guy.
He’s a low risk player that often does all the little things that often goes unnoticed, but are always necessary for a team to be successful. He’s another great lead guard for Team United. He is tough/hard nosed and is the ultimate team player.
Khalil can score and often does so within the framework of the game. He’s not one to “hunt” or tries to manufacture his own scoring opportunities. Khalil thinks team first and is a willing passer.
He has the ability to dribble penetrate and finish or kick out timely passes to open teammates. Unlike many young guards today, Khalil has the ability to knock down the mid-range jumper. More importantly, Khalil is a humble and goal worthy type of player that is focused on winning and team play.
He takes the steady and reliable approach that will be highly successful both in the short and long term.
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