A few more names from Thursday that impressed at the Stay Positive in Greensboro

Team CP3 16U

6’6 ’19 Wendell Moore- All-around monster that does plenty of everything at a high level; he’s a game-changing talent on both sides of the ball and should be undoubtedly in the top twenty for the 2019 class.

6’2 ’19 Chaz Gwyn- Among the best floor-spacers in the area, Gwyn often doesn’t receive enough credit for the value he brings to this team. He is a knockdown shooter on all levels but is also capable of putting the ball on the floor and finishing at the rim.

Boo Williams 16U

5’8 ’19 Chase Coleman- Brother of Oak Hill star Matt Coleman, Chase is arguably a more complete point guard. He has an extremely tight handle that never leaves his side, but also possesses quality scoring ability from all three levels. Coleman plays with a high IQ and rarely has a lapse in judgment.

6’6 ’19 Michael Christmas- Absolute bucket-getter that carried most of the scoring load for this team, coming from all three levels with great frequency and efficiency; he has the ability to be a really big-time prospect at the next level.

6’6 ’19 Kyhree Temple- Long guard that has an incredibly innate feel for the game; he’s able to score efficiently from all three levels and whenever he wants. Temple plays so smooth and with such fluidity; he’s a terrific defender on and off-ball.


6’6 ’18 Aaron Nesmith- It’s been documented many times, but Nesmith has now proved to everyone that he is a high-level player; he’s undeniably skilled and should be mentioned among the top scorers in the country. Nesmith has an incredibly high IQ and plays the game the right way.

6’7 ’19 Josiah James- Arguably the most popular player on this team in terms of “recruitability,” James brings the same game to the table every time out; he will only continue to intrigue college programs with his length, IQ, and outstanding vision.

Team CP3 17U

6’8 ’18 Hunter Tyson- A walking mismatch that scores at will from all three levels; he is very smooth with the ball and can navigate quite easily through traffic, making plays for himself and others.

6’7 ’18 Rechon “Leaky” Black- The UNC commit is easily one of the biggest/longest point guards in the country; he has incredible guard instincts and vision. Black is stronger than his frame would imply and he finishes extremely well inside the paint.

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