The Roanoke Pacers will be one of several teams participating in the Phenom Hoops Stay Positive in Greensboro.

The Stay Positive Session 1 will include the ROANOKE PACERS 17U from Roanoke Virginia. The team has been traveling the east coast for seven years beginning with 10U division. Coached by Hayward Statum and Rich Eggleston. Keep an eye on these players:


# 50 JAMES NWORAH 6’6” 2018 Forward with 6’10” wingspan. From Lagos Nigeria. He is ferocious on the offensive and defensive glass. A lean rim protector who gives 100% effort every minute. Interest from VMI, Campbell, Virginia Wesleyan and Radford. 3.6 GPA and 960 SAT

# 9 JAKE MARTIN 6’2” 2018 Shooting Guard, Great deep shooter. Plays with great intensity. Plays his best in big games. 4.2 GPA and 1,320 SAT

# 12 DEVIN BECKNER 6’0’ 2018 Point Guard. Lefty who is lethal on the bounce. Great defender.

# 2 NOAH DUNCAN 6’1” 2018 Wing. Excellent athleticism. Great finisher at the rim. Good mid-range shooter. Great rebounder for his size. Plays with tremendous intensity. 4.2 GPA and 1,420 SAT

# 23 RONALD (TRE) MURPHY 6’0” 2018 Wing. Versatile. Streaky three-point shooter. 3.0 GPA

#6 JOHN STOCKSTILL 2019 6’0” Shooting Guard. Plays multiple positions. Excellent shooter. Strong defender. 3.9 GPA

# 34 RYAN BURCHETTE 6’2” 2018 Good shooter. Excellent rebounder for his size. Smart player does a lot of the intangibles. 4.2 GPA and 1,300 SAT

# 5 DEVON MUSSELMAN 6’1” 2017 Combo Guard. Good stroke from deep. Athletic. Defends multiple positions. Can create offense for himself and his teammates. 2.5 GPA

# 11 TUCKER VEST 5’7” 2018 Point Guard. Excellent handle. Can create offense for himself and his teammates. Good defender. 3.2 GPA

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