Here are players to watch at the Southern Jam Live in Greensboro

NC Top Flight

6’3″ 19 Tyler Dearman NC Top Flight

Interest: WSSU & Pfeiffer University

Comments: Tyler is a quiet player that lets his game speak for itself. He can stoke it deep from behind the arc and can fill it up going to the rack.

6’0″ 19 Michael Wade NC Top Flight

Comments: Michael is a offensive player’s nightmare. He can lock down a player with his speed & tenacity. Offensively he can hurt you from the arc & fly past you going to the rack.

6’2″ 19 Nick Cheeley NC Top Flight

Comments: Nick is an all around player that can get the job done on offense and defense. He’s a court general, great defender and can get to the basketball at will.

6’5″ 19 Nate Duggins NC Top Flight

Comments: Nate is deadly from behind the arc but can also get his hands dirty and go inside. He has good size and facilitate the ball.

6’3″ 19 Jadyen Neal NC Top Flight

Comments: Jadyn is an open court player that hustles with and without the ball. His presents may go undetected on the court but his hustle is alive and vibrant. He’ll give you good defense and buckets that generate away from the ball.

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