South Carolina Top 80

Team 8

Coach: Jeff Bendel

#8: 5’8 ’21 Jalon Robertson of Greenville Charter (Greenville)

We start by looking at a very young player that is as gritty and chippy as they come, Jalon Robertson. Though small, Robertson displayed a pretty tight handle throughout camp, constantly looking for teammates and the best play available. He’s crafty and can wiggle his way by defenders, leading to an easy bucket or assist. Next in his development process is working on his ability to shoot from three-point range, as it would expand his offensive abilities tremendously and force opposing defenses to take notice. Coach Bendel on Robertson: “Jalon is a really solid guard that has a visible desire to win and make his teammates better. He’s a strong ball handler with a solid IQ and the innate ability to create for others. He is selective with his shot choice, but if he takes it, he’ll make it. Jalon will only continue to get better with added size and quickness, but already showcases a great understanding for the game.” Once Robertson adds the necessary tools to his game, watch out, because he has the potential to be a high quality player. He should look to round things out as he heads into his pivotal freshman season.

#20: 6’0 ’20 Jalen Coit of Cheraw HS (Cheraw)

Next, we look at a player that has as much upside as anyone in the state of South Carolina, Jalen Coit. Some prospects just have that “it” factor and Coit certainly has whatever ‘it’ is. Offensively, he’s nearly unstoppable when going with confidence, as he has the ability to single-handedly tear opposing defenses to shreds. Coit displays a purposeful, smooth handle of the ball and typically lulls his matchup into a plethora of miscues. He is capable of going out and scoring 20+ points on all three levels against almost any competition in his class; his feel is simply phenomenal and he’s a true two-way dog, despite his quiet demeanor. Defensively, Coit has such a terrific understanding of how to properly defend straight up or against the two-man game. Next in his development process is just gaining more confidence and being a vocal presence on the floor, as he already has the natural tools and gifts necessary to be an extremely talented basketball player. Coach Bendel on Coit: “Jalen is a very skilled offensive guard that has so much polish. He is a walking bucket on all three levels and has some craftiness inside the paint. Jalen displays a strong IQ and overall feel for the game. Confidence is the biggest factor in how he plays; when Jalen is playing with confidence, he’s virtually unstoppable on both ends of the floor.” The sky is truly the limit for Coit, who should eventually emerge as a big-time name in the 2020 class.

#32: 6’0 ’20 Dallan Wright of Saluda HS (West Columbia)

Moving onto a player that brings a ton of intrigue to coaches and spectators with his play on both ends of the floor, Dallan Wright. He’s an off-guard with a high motor; Wright doesn’t quit on any possession and will do anything to put his team in a winning position. Offensively, he’s still growing, but already has the ability to knock down shots from all three levels. Wright is unselfish and frequently looks for teammates whenever possible; he loves to get out in transition, where he can finish or pick his spots on the perimeter. Next in his development process is working on his ball handling skills, as it would help him create shots for himself (and others) and allow him to play either guard spot comfortably. Coach Bendel on Wright: “Dallan is a really good all-around player with a vey malleable game. He has quality athleticism and few holes within his game. Though Dallan has an unorthodox form, he is more than capable of hitting shots from three levels. He’s a plus defender and is willing to commit to the little things like outworking guys on defense or outhustling everyone. Dallan will be a terrific player for many years.” Watch for Wright to have a breakout year at Saluda, where he could certainly emerge as their top option.

#40: 6’1 ’18 Chandler Lindsey of Spartanburg Day (Spartanburg)

It’s crazy to think that there are folks across the country that don’t believe Chandler Lindsey is a D1-level player, when he absolutely should be. Most people are quick to put his teammate (Zion Williamson) in the spotlight, but Lindsey is an incredibly valuable player also. Offensively, he has a complete skill set and poses a threat to score or assist on nearly every trip down the floor. Lindsey breaks down opponents with such ease; he’s so shifty and defenders really struggle to stay in front of him. The lefty has incredible explosion and is an amazing rebounder for his size/position. He’s a pickpocket on defense and displays his very high basketball IQ on every possession. Next in his development process is working on the consistency of his three-point shot, as it would make him impossible to contain, considering he already scores at will inside the arc. Coach Bendel on Lindsey: “Chandler is a fundamentally sound point guard; he creates well for others and exceptionally well for himself. Chandler has a deadly first step that allows him to get to the rim whenever he wants. His left-handedness opens up a ton of opportunities (both for him and teammates). He is a phenomenal finisher and shows no fear of rising above the rim. It will be awesome watching Chandler grow at the next level.” Expect Lindsey to dominate his senior season at Spartanburg Day, as he and the Griffins are looking to go back-to-back.

#41: 6’1 ’19 Sean McCabe of Nation Ford (Fort Mill)

Next, we look at a player that was an incredibly valuable asset to his team throughout camp, Sean McCabe. He is a hard-nosed player willing to do anything to win or improve. Offensively, McCabe is a lights-out shooter with deep range; when given the opportunity and space, he will not hesitate to pull a thirty-footer. However, he is not just a shooter, as he will take it hard to the basket and finish through contact. On the other end, McCabe is tough and a better defender than he gets credit for; he has a high IQ and plays positional defense quite well. Next in his development process is to work on rebounding, as it would just be another quality element to add to his well-rounded game. Coach Bendel on McCabe: “Sean is a really solid, gritty player. He was willing to do whatever was asked of him and excelled at doing so. He’s a knockdown shooter that makes good decisions with the ball and looks to make the right play. I’d take Sean on my team any day, as he compliments any group of players seamlessly.” It should not come as a surprise to see McCabe have a breakout year at Nation Ford, especially if he continues shooting the cover off the ball.

#65: 6’3 ’20 Saiveon Williams of Rock Hill HS (Rock Hill)

Moving onto a player that many casual fans might not know about, but they should, as he has tremendous potential to be one of the top players in South Carolina, Saiveon Williams. Simply put, Williams is a player, able to go out onto the floor and make so many plays on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he’s still improving his jumper, but he’ll go chest to chest with anyone at the rim with no hesitation, regardless of the defenders’ age or size. On the other end of the floor, Williams was phenomenal, consistently shutting down his assignment and was a shockingly terrific rim protector in each contest. Next in his development process is sharpening his jumper from midrange and three-point territory, as he would become an utterly dominant two-way player. Coach Bendel on Williams: “Saiveon was easily among my top all-around players, especially given his age. He’s very athletic, but it was much more evident on the defensive end, where he seemed to get countless blocks. His offensive game will gradually improve, but given his feel for the game, Savieon should have no problem developing into an incredible player.” As previously mentioned, mark down Williams’ name, because he will certainly see recruitment from a variety of D1s.

#80: 6’6 ’19 Marlow Gilmore Jr. of Hunter Kinard Tyler (Norway)

Continuing onto a player that turned heads with his strong defensive performances, Marlow Gilmore Jr. The Mr. Defense winner has unlimited upside and is the type of piece that every team needs in order to have true success. He’s long and fearless, which makes for a scary sight on the defensive end; he went after every single block, rebound, and loose ball available. Gilmore’s athleticism and length make him extremely versatile and able to defend at least three positions comfortably on defense—an extremely valuable skill. Offensively, he is a terrific cutter with a nonstop motor, always looking to get around the basket and snatch alley-oops or rebounds. Next in his development process is sharpening his jumper and ability to handle the ball, as it would unlock a whole new realm of possibilities on the court. Coach Bendel on Gilmore: “Marlow was the clear-cut hustle guy on our team; though his offensive game is a work in progress, he will make a concerted effort to hunt down the ball at any given time. He’s incredibly long and athletic but will also do anything possible to help his team win. He easily led our team in deflections and always seemed to have his hands on the ball. With some added work, Marlow could be among the best players from camp.” It will be interesting to see how much Gilmore grows during his final two years in high school.

#89: 6’6 ’19 Juwan Purdue of Lakewood (Sumter)

Next, we look at a player that has great versatility and upside on both sides of the ball, Juwan Purdue. He’s a wing that really poses issues for opponents with his sheer size and strength on both ends. Offensively, Purdue showcases great athleticism and he can operate fairly well from the wing, high or low post. On the other end, he is a quality defender that can span across multiple positions, but he has all the tools to be a lockdown-type. Next in his development process is improving his ability to score on the perimeter, as it would make him a two-way terror. Coach Bendel on Purdue: “Juwan is a gifted player that could dominate any opponent with a little skill work. He’s a terrific athlete but can sometimes play out of control. Juwan is a nice scorer inside/around the paint. He frequently shows flashes of brilliance in transition and on defense, but more consistent stretches would make him unstoppable.” Purdue was also an exceptional rebounder on both ends of the floor and hits the glass with a purpose every possession. He should continue developing into a really nice player worth keeping an eye on.

#104: 6’8 ’18 Robert Braswell of Blythewood (Blythewood)

Moving onto a player that is capable of being a true star at the next level with his incredible two-way presence, Robert Braswell. He’s a forward that can play big or small extremely well (based on whatever the team needs), able to post up smaller players or taking larger players off the dribble, both with relative ease. Braswell scores efficiently from all three levels and is a constant threat to dunk on any opponent in his path. He has a great feel and IQ for the game, looking to create for teammates whenever possible and always seeming to be in the right place at the right time. Defensively, Braswell can guard both forward spots at an above average rate, and is even capable of bumping over to centers in the right situation. Next in his development process is to continue developing his low-post arsenal, as it would make him nearly impossible to defend. Coach Bendel on Braswell: “Rob is a multipurpose player with endless potential—he scores quite effectively from all three levels; his athleticism allows him to play well above the rim on blocks, dunks, and rebounds. Rob has a terrific skillset and can be the best player on the floor at times. He has tremendous feel and is a nice two-way guy with fantastic length. His vocal leadership could improve his overall floor presence. Rob is a reserved, very coachable player, that is ready to release his inner-monster.” There should be little to no doubt about Braswell’s ability to play D1 ball, as he should definitely end up having his choice of schools come decision time.

#113: 6’9 ’18 Gabe Bryant of Dorman (Dawsonville)

Finishing up with one of the most exciting two-way players in the state of South Carolina, Gabe Bryant. Anyone who has ever watched or played with Bryant is an immediate fan of the way he plays, which is above the rim and at full throttle all the time. However, those going against Bryant typically hate him, which is okay, since friendliness doesn’t translate to wins. Offensively, he has expanded his offensive game out to 12-feet and looks comfortably taking jumpers, though his form may be somewhat unorthodox. While he has developed a jumper, his motor and athleticism will always remain his best assets. If every prospect played as hard as Bryant does, they would all improve. He corrals all rebounds with two hands and is a phenomenal pick-and-roll partner for any guard; his ability to get position in the low-post is better than any player in the country, without question. Bryant is also an awesome rim protector, so much that he makes opponents regret their decision to enter the paint. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his ability to score outside the paint, as the progress he’s already made is great, but everything he adds from this point is a huge bonus. Coach Bendel on Bryant: “Gabe is a phenomenal two-way presence on the floor—his effort is unmatched and he has the tendency to simply bully opponents. He frequently rebounds and blocks shots outside of his area. Gabe rebounds with both hands and knows how to get perfect position on the block. The only real area for improvement is staying out of foul trouble. He fits the modern mold for a big man with his ability to rim-run. Gabe is a great leader, teammate, and just plays so incredibly far above the rim.” Bryant will look to lead Dorman to another state championship victory this season, and then he will join Gardner-Webb next fall.

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