South Carolina Top 80

Team 4

Coach: Jason Porter

#3: 5’8 ’19 Zuric Harvey of Northwestern (Rock Hill)

Starting things off, we look at a player that exemplifies the “heart over height” notion each time he steps on the floor, Zuric Harvey. He’s a point guard that plays with great intensity and quickness on both sides of the ball. Harvey displayed a high IQ and understands how to fit on a team, staying patient and making the most of his opportunities on offense. He shot the ball well from all three levels and was able to create for others on dribble-penetration. Defensively, Harvey showed a ton of grit and toughness with his ability to shut down bigger and stronger opponents. Next in his development process is improving on his finishing ability, as it will make him much more dangerous when driving to the basket. Coach Porter on Harvey: “Zuric did a solid job on the defensive end despite giving up size all day long. He’s a very quick player on both ends of the floor. Zuric is a quiet kid off the floor but plays with fire on it. His size hampers his ability to finish at times but his drive-and-kick game is on point.” Harvey will be fine going forward, as his body matures, he will only become more difficult to contain.

#24: 6’0 ’19 Chris Jamison Jr. of Legacy Charter (Greer)

Moving onto a player that simply got it done on both sides of the ball throughout camp, Chris Jamison. He’s a guard that is at his best with the ball and space to operate. Offensively, he shot the ball fairly well from all three levels but excelled at getting into the paint and finishing through contact at the rim. However, Jamison is certainly capable of playing off-ball and has the natural cutting sense to thrive at that position. On the defensive end, he showcased his high IQ and ability to frustrate opponents into easy turnovers. Next in his development process is tightening up his ball handling ability, as it would make him far more difficult to contain on the offensive end. Coach Porter on Jamison: “Chris is a very bouncy kid who always seems to be around the ball. He’s a good rebounder from the guard position and his second bounce is super quick. He certainly uses his physical tools to his advantage. Chris scored most everything at the rim or in transition. He gets to a lot of balls on the defensive end. Right now, Chris is more physically imposing than a refined player, but his game will be dangerous as he matures.” Jamison, in many ways, was the glue-guy for this team and made considerable contributions on the defensive end to help out his team.

#28: 6’0 ’18 Julian Smith of Spring Valley (Columbia)

Continuing onto a player that really honed in on doing all the little things to make an impact, Julian Smith. He’s a tough combo guard with great vision and ball distribution abilities, able to make plays for others in transition or the half court. Offensively, Smith scores quite well on all three levels and displays a very high IQ when making decisions with the ball. His motor is probably his best attribute, as he never seems to stop working to earn extra possessions. Smith provided an irreplaceable presence on this team, always communicating and motivating teammates on and off the floor. Overall, Smith’s game is really well rounded, especially considering he’s a hound on the defensive end. Next in his development process is continuing to work on attacking both sides of the floor on offense, as it would open up a variety of scoring chances. Coach Porter on Smith: “Julian has that natural leadership ability with a fantastic attitude. He provided off-the-chart energy and effort while also pushing the tempo with ease. Julian has nice vision in transition; he’s a combo type that works well at the one or two. He’s a tough defender with a great motor on both ends of the floor. Julian is the type of kid that respects the game and it rubs off on teammates.” Smith certainly made an impact in all facets of the game with his big time leadership and two-way abilities.

#45: 6’2 ’18 TJ Brown of Dreher (Columbia)

Next, we look at a silent killer that is undeniably productive on both sides of the floor, Travis “TJ” Brown. He’s an off-guard that knows how to involve himself in the action and plays with a great pace; he always seems to be around the ball, forcing turnovers and causing havoc. Offensively, Brown is a strong three-level scorer with the ability to play above the rim in doses, but his ability to finish everything through contact inside the paint is arguably his most valuable skill. He has nice vision and is an exceptional rebounder for a guard. On the defensive end, Brown displays great positioning, IQ, and moves his feet well to shut down opposing wings. Next in his development process is improving his consistency from three-point range, as it would allow him to be an outright dominant scorer. Coach Porter on Brown: “TJ is a plus athlete that can really get up quick. His physical gifts allow him to rebound bigger than his size suggests. He’s a quiet kid that lets his game talk for him. Also an active defender that can impact the game on that end of the floor, get to balls that others cannot.” Brown is a terrific two-way player that should find himself with multiple options for continuing his education and basketball career at the D1 level.

#52: 6’2 ’19 Trae Hannibal of Hartsville (Bishopville)

Moving onto one of the most tantalizing and explosive prospects in all of South Carolina, Trae Hannibal. Upon entering the gym, Hannibal brings this unique excitement and presence that his teammates seem to always feed off of. He’s a hard-nosed guard that can play with or without the ball, though he is at his best when slotted at point guard. Offensively, Hannibal gets what he wants on all three levels and is unstoppable when he’s determined to finish at the rim; he is a constant threat to rise up and throw down ferocious dunks, especially in transition. His ability to play without the ball will help him tremendously at the next level, as he displayed the ability to get buckets by utilizing spacing and IQ off-ball. Next in his development process is speeding up the release on his three-point shot, as the rest of his game is extremely well rounded. Coach Porter on Hannibal: “Trae is an easy scorer that ate all day in transition; he goes from defense to offense in the blink of an eye. He’s a strong kid with more bounce than you think, finishing so easily at the rim. Trae rebounds bigger than his size would suggest he can and he hits the three, but his release from deep could be quicker. He’s always looking to make the extra pass and proved to be an above average passer from the wing.” Hannibal could easily emerge as one of the biggest stock-risers in South Carolina, as he is poised to have a huge junior year.

#69: 6’4 ’18 Savion Dawkins of York Prep (Columbia)

Continuing onto a smart, strong player who has incredible value on the offensive end and also doubles down as a plus defender, Savion Dawkins. He is the definition of a three-point sniper, as he is capable of stepping on the floor and hitting an abundance of shots at an incredibly high percentage, regardless of defensive pressure. Dawkins has flawless shot mechanics and displays excellent decision-making with the ball in his hands, always remaining patient and only attempting shots that he’s able to make. He has a great frame, can certainly score on all three levels, and plays through contact. Dawkins is a solid defender with a high IQ and fairly quick hands; his size allows him to rebound well with bigger wings and forwards. Coach Porter on Dawkins: “Savion dropped buckets all day from deep; he sets up quick and is nasty on catch and shoot opportunities. He has range from all over and possesses the ability to put the ball on the floor and drive if the defense takes the shot away. Never had to ask for effort from this kid.” Dawkins is a likely candidate to have a huge breakout year, now at York Prep, and easily the best shooter on the roster, and among the best in the entire state.

#76: 6’4 ’20 Kelton Talford of Great Falls HS (Great Falls)

Next, we look a player that showcases great maturity and intangibles for such a young prospect, Kelton Talford. He’s a guard with great length and IQ, always looking to make the smartest play possible. Talford consistently outworked bigger and stronger opponents for rebounds and displayed a “never quit” attitude throughout camp. In transition, he made a noticeable impact and seemed to be finishing the break more times than not. Talford is a solid team defender that plays smart angles and properly utilizes his length to rise above most opposing guards. Next in his development process is improving his ability to shoot from three-point range, as it would take his offensive game to a whole new level. Coach Porter on Talford: “Kelton is an exciting young player! I loved his bounce and second effort on the glass; he’s very slender but has the physical tools to be a plus player as he gains strength. Everything was either at the rim off transition or from the offensive glass. Kelton has the ability to defend 1-3 on the floor. His length plus bounce plus youth will equal one to watch in the 2020 class.” Talford brings great intrigue for all of the previously mentioned reasons and could certainly have a breakout year this season at Great Falls.

#93: 6’6 ’19 Davis Guyton of Myrtle Beach Christian (Myrtle Beach)

Moving onto a player that has always brought great intrigue with his sheer size and shooting ability, Davis Guyton. He’s a skilled power forward that understands how to effectively use his body to his advantage, constantly drawing out opposing big men and forcing them to defend the perimeter. Offensively, if he’s open, expect Guyton to rip the nylon off the net, as he will certainly knock down the easy ones. He works hard on both ends of the floor, also displaying terrific vision and IQ when looking to create for others. Guyton is definitely a team-first player that doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body, only wanting to win. Next in his development process is improving his ability to shoot off the dribble, as it would open up his shooting arsenal tremendously. Coach Porter on Guyton: “I loved Davis’ ability to shoot; he’s got range for miles and effectively pulls the other team’s big away from the basket. He’s a fundamental player that makes the right plays when they need to be made. Davis gets by on his positioning and IQ over raw physical ability; he’s the type of kid a coach can trust on the floor.” Guyton brings the same attitude and consistency to every game and can fit in seamlessly at the right program.

#114: 6’9 ’19 DJ Burns of York Prep (Rock Hill)

Continuing onto a player who is already extremely well known and has established himself as a definite high major guy, DJ Burns. In a basketball world where the traditional post-up big man is fading, Burns stays true to his back-to-basket game and has elevated his level of play on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he must be doubled on nearly every post touch or he will cook individual defenders and score with ease. Burns can shoot quite well for his size and is capable of stepping out and knocking down midrange shots with regularity (and even an occasional three-pointer). On the defensive end, Burns uses his size to effectively keep his man secure and rebound the ball at a high rate. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his quickness, as it would make him virtually unguardable down low. Coach Porter on Burns: “It’s easy to see why DJ is one of the top players in the country. Always smiling, he has a deep bag of tricks in the post and can score against the best of them. His outlet pass is top notch and he possesses the full package: size, skill, vision, unselfish play, etc. DJ runs very well for his size and is easily one of the most impressive bigs in his class; easily a HM-level talent.” This high praise should come as no surprise for those that have enjoyed watching Burns perform and develop as a prospect. It will be exciting to see where he decides to further his education and playing career.

#116: 6’10 ’21 John Butler of Christ Church (Simpsonville)

Finishing up, we look at a player that truly has infinite upside on both ends of the floor, John Butler. He’s a true six-foot-ten and has incredible length, which he already knows how to effectively use on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he displays the ability to post up and finish with either hand quite well. Butler hasn’t filled out at all, but he already has a very polished game and doesn’t force any shots outside of his capabilities. On the defensive end is where Butler earns his playing time, as he showcases a phenomenal understanding of angles and timing in the lane and on weak side rotations. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it is the only thing he really needs to play at an elite level. Coach Porter on Butler: “John is a young big with a ton of potential. His defense is ahead of offense at this stage. He has lots of tools to work with and has the making of a nice face up game. John will be able to power inside once he adds weight/strength; he gave great effort and ran the floor with ease. He has an incredibly high ceiling that and will be one to watch in the class.” Butler could certainly become one of the top ranked players in his class sooner than later.

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