South Carolina Top 80
Team 11 Recaps
Coach Bronal Gary


#11 5’10” 2018 Trevor Wright of Hilton Head HS (Hilton Head, SC)
Wright is a exceptional player at the point guard position. He is a good pull-up jump shooter as well as a good catch and shoot player. Wright’s camp coach stated, “If you give Trevor a little bit of space, more than likely, his shot is going to go in. He has a great basketball IQ and plays within himself, never over doing it.” He is a good off the ball defender as well.

#35 6’1 2018 Zachary Foulkes of AC Flora HS (Columbia, SC)
What stood out the most about Foulkes was his on the ball and off the ball defense, he was absolutely relentless. Once he began shooting the ball, we saw he was a 2-way player. Foulkes is a good catch and shoot guy who is able to put the ball on the floor and get to the basket. Foulkes camp coach stated, “Zachary has a great attitude, he shoots it with great range and finishes at the rim. He is also a highly active defender.”Foulkes also has great awareness getting into the paint with the ability to kick to team mates.

#38 6’1” 2018 Matthew Lee of Heathwood Hall (Columbia, SC)
Lee is best at pushing the ball from one end of the floor to the other. He plays good on the ball defense, using his length and quickness. Lee’s camp coach stated, “Matt gets out in transition quickly on both offense and defense and he is at his best when he is running. He is able to get to the basket both going left or right.”

#59 6’3” 2018 Chris Fordham of Goose Creek HS (Goose Creek, SC)
Fordham is a natural leader who has a great set of skills. He was engaged the entire day and played with high energy on both ends of the floor. Fordham displayed a complete skill set showing ability to score, handle and pass as well as lock up on defense, both on and off the ball. Fordham’s camp coach stated, “Chris played with a great attitude. He is at his best when he is driving to the basket and finishing, but he made some pull up jump shots. Very crafty and explosive at the rim.”

#62 6’3” 2020 Quez Lewis of Hillcrest HS (Simpsonville, SC)
Quez was everywhere today. If he wasn’t shooting the 3 ball he was making pull ups and lay ups. Mid-range, drives to the basket, perimeter shots and posting shorter guys with some back to the basket moves. He is good at ripping through either way and attacking the rim. A good pull up jump shot and mid-range game and he is great at rebounding from his position.

#83 6’5” 2018 Calvin Mathis of Aiken HS (Aiken, SC)
Mathis is a strong, long, quick and athletic guard who gets to the basket consistently; both in transition and off the bounce. He is a good mid-range player who doesn’t force anything. Mathis plays within himself and allows the game to come to him. He runs the floor extremely well and competes on both ends of the floor. A very good defender in transition and the half court, he is a prototypical wing type player. Great attitude! Loves basketball and never wants to leave the floor.

#85 6’5” 2018 John Thorsland of Walhalla HS (Walhalla, SC)
The first thing that stands out about Thorsland is his court awareness and basketball IQ. He knows how to play the game. Standing as a length and sharpshooting guard, Thorsland utilizes spacing and moving well without the ball. He plays to the strengths of his game as a great catch and shoot player. He is able to get to the basket some as well, using his size and length to shoot over defenders. He has good range on his jump shot and is great at getting himself open.

#107 6’8” 2018 Travell Crosby of Nation Ford HS (Fort Mill, SC)
When Crosby gets the ball on the blocks he is very tough to moves. He creates space well to score and is able to move the defender out of the way to get a shot in his “sweet spot”. Crosby is a physical player, he rebounds his area well and is a good passer out of the double team. He is a quiet warrior who goes about his business.

#110 6’8” 2019 Khydarius Smith of Nation Ford HS (Fort Mill, SC)
Smith is long, athletic and moves very well without the ball. He can play with an array of moves with his back to the basket and he possesses an equal array of moves from the wing. Smith is able to go both right and left and is able to stretch out to the perimeter to shoot the 3-ball consistently. He is explosive and rebounds well, overall a mis-match on the floor.

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