Team 5
Head Coach Ryan Schmidt of 22 Feet Academy

#4 5’9” 2017 Monta Houston of York Prep (Rock Hill)

Houston is a tough nosed, gritty point guard. He did is best damage defending the ball for 94 feet. Offensively Houston made some shots when left open, but preferred to get his team mates involved in the play. Houston’s camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “Monta is a point guard that competed in every play, and really got after it defensively. Monta was able to knock down shots when left open.” Houston is a leader.

#21 6’1” 2019 Tommy Bruner of Spring Valley High School (Columbia)

Bruner is a special talent, which shouldn’t be a surprise given his basketball successes of his brother and sister. Bruner finished seventh in the camp in scoring, and was able to do so within the flow of the game. Bruner has great form on his jump shot and the ability to play on or off the ball. Bruner’s camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “Tommy has the ability to score when he wants, but he doesn’t force the issue. He is a very under rated play maker as he spent the day setting up team mates when driving.” Bruner is another of the very talented 2019 class in South Carolina. He is tracking to be able to play at the highest level.

#26 6’1” 2017 Justin Busby of Waccamaw High School (Murrells Inlet)

Busby was yet another player that experienced a break out during the event. He showed the ability to play the point guard, where he had a confident handle and was able to get his team mates involved. Busby also showed a high level ability to make shots. He finished in the top 20 in scoring. Busby’s camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “Justin shot the ball extremely well from beyond the arc, for the entire day. He was a sniper. He did a good job of playing with pace and got his team mates involved in the half court setting.” Busby should now be on the scene and is someone D1 schools should track closely.

#43 6’3” 2016 Cameron Pyles of Hillcrest High School (Simpsonville)

Pyles is very good athlete, with a long frame. He maintains high activity on the defensive end, which when coupled with this length and athleticism cause him the ability to do a lot of damage on that end. Pyles camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “Cameron impacts all areas of the game with his athleticism. Even though he didn’t have a great day shooting, he didn’t allow that to affect his ability to help his team on the court.” Pyles affects the game on defense, and uses his athleticism in transition. He’s a player colleges should start looking at.

#49 6’4” 2017 Cameron Warmack of Blythewood High School

Warmack made his role competing on both ends of the court. Defensively, Warmack was able to defend the wing with both length and a high motor. On offense Warmack did well finding is shot in the mid-range area. Warmack’s camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “Cameron is a warrior, he competes every second he is on the court.”Warmack possesses a skill set and the frame that will keep him on the court.

#63 6’6” 2019 Devin Ramsey of Northwood Academy (North Charleston)

Ramsey is a physically mature player for his age. He had a good understanding of how to use his body on both ends of the court. Ramsey’s camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “I was very impressed with Devin’s physicality on both ends of the floor. I really liked how he competed throughout the day.” At this point, Devin’s frame and strength is ahead of his skill set, however he has a great attitude and is one to track as he continues to grow.

#73 6’6” 2017 Keith Matthews of Blythewood High School

Matthews carries a very lengthy frame. During the event he showed a versatile skill set on both ends of the court. On offense he showed great vision, with touch beyond the arc and comfort handling the ball. On defense, he defended the wing with his length and rebounded his position. Matthews’ camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “Keith is a very skilled player who is very unselfish, at times maybe too unselfish. Keith has great length which allows him to defend and rebound well.” There is a lot to like with Matthews as a shooting guard with this length and skill set. He already carries multiple D1 offers, and should expect a variety of more to come in.

#83 6’7” 2017 Tae Cannon of Oakbrook Prep (Greenville)

Cannon was one of the breakout performers of the day. He did not carry much fanfare into the event, but left as one of the camp’s top 15 scorers and on the tips of most observer’s tongues. Cannon is a very long and wiry forward. He is active on defense and the boards, and was able to display a versatile attack on offense. Cannon’s camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “Tae had a very impressive performance throughout the day. He does a little bit of everything on the offensive end and scored it all over the floor.” As Tae gets stronger we expect his recruitment to pick up. He should be firmly planted on D1s watch list.

#86 6’8” 2018 Jerrell Kelly of Laurence Manning Academy (Manning)

Kelly is intriguing. They lefty has a very long frame to go along with broad shoulders. He showed flashing of offensive versatility throughout the event, with his handle and touch from the arc. However, his consistency ebbed and flowed. Kelly’s camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “He has a lot of upside and you could see a lot of flashes of how good he could be. When engaged he was very impressive with his offensive skill set.” As Kelly grows older his competitive fire should hone in, and if it all clicks watch out. They sky is the limit with his upside and ability

#90 6’8” 2019 Kyran Rawson of 22 Feet Academy (Greenville)

Yet another standout in the 2019 class. Rawson, a native of the Netherlands, has a great frame and an impressive skill set from multiple areas on the floor. Rawson’s camp coach Ryan Schmidt stated, “Kyran is a high IQ big who has a unique ability to pass the ball from all over the court. He found a way to make an impact even if the ball wasn’t flowing through him.” Rawson’s skill is advanced for his size/age. As his athleticism grows into his body, he will be interesting to watch progress.

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