6’6 ’21 Redford Dunton

The wiry forward prospect was extremely useful today and continues to display promise on both ends of the floor. He can play three positions comfortably at the high school level and causes problems for opponents with his offensive versatility. Dunton has such an impressive array of scoring moves and counter moves. He’s still developing physically and should become an absolute two-way monster with increased strength. Dunton does a lot of positive things while on the court, including lead, so it’ll be interesting to see where ends up in the loaded Class of 2021 in North Carolina.


Word of God:

6’2 ’19 Chase Forte

Few players were more impactful for this Word of God team than Forte, who did a terrific job of pushing the pace and making plays in transition. He’s not a particularly imposing athlete, but simply knows how to navigate around opponents with the ball in his hands. Forte regularly attacks the rim and finishes at a solid rate from inside the paint. This team is better when he’s on the floor and it shows.


6’6 ’20 Josh Reid

As one of the newer additions to this Word of God squad, it was nice to see Reid make nonstop contributions during this contest. He possesses quality size and is capable of surprising folks with his athleticism. Reid moves very well without the ball and forces opposing defenses to respect him at all times, as he seemed to find open space and easy buckets on an extremely frequent basis. He should be a great asset for this team, especially if he’s able to maintain his current level of play.


Trinity Academy of Raleigh:

6’11 ’20 Isaiah Todd

At this point, it’s almost impossible to figure out why everyone doesn’t absolutely love Todd as a prospect. He’s virtually unguardable on offense and is capable of lighting it up from all three levels. His natural feel and fluidity are special qualities that very few players will ever possess, but it’s only part of what makes him so unique. Todd truly doesn’t have any glaring weakness within his skillset. He’s already very productive and versatile, yet still has the chance to become a defensive terror in time.


Holly Springs:

6’11 ’19 Kadin Shedrick

The Virginia signee was nothing short of spectacular during the final contest of the day. He’s properly equipped to protect the rim at a high level and also looks comfortable stepping out into space and moving along the perimeter. Shedrick has a lot of skill and fluidity on offense, which allows him to do numerous different things—including create opportunities for himself off the bounce. He’s already established himself as a top-tier player in North Carolina’s Class of 2019, but Shedrick could be deserving of more national attention, especially if he maintains his approach on both ends of the floor.


6’8 ’21 Dante Kiesenhofer

Though young, it’s easy to see the clear two-way upside with Kiesenhofer. He’s athletic and plays with a terrific motor, which allows him to impact the game without needing touches. He does a great job of disrupting the action on defense and utilizes his length well to alter shots. His growth should be an interesting subplot for this Holly Springs team as Shedrick heads to Virginia next season.

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