Dillard is one of the more athletic and gifted players in the 2018 class. He has great energy and finishes strong in traffic and doesn’t mind making the opposition the recipient of a high flying dunk in traffic. He has excellent court vision and the ability to make the proper reads that leads to easy scoring opportunities for his teammates. This past Saturday at the Phenom Jamboree, Dillard showcased an improved jumper. His shot had better backspin/rotation and looked to have more confidence.

Coach Freddy Johnson told Phenom that Dillard would be his top defensive player. As a matter of fact, Dillard was the best defensive player at the Phenom Jamboree and may be one of the best defenders in the state regardless of class. His on the ball defend is superb. His defensive stance of sitting low and having his arms wide is high level. Often we use the term “make yourself big on defense” and Dillard does exactly that. In addition, Dillard understands team defensive principals. In an age where offensive stats often rule the headlines, Dillard accepts the challenge of being the best defensive player on the court. He relishes the opportunity to make his mark defensively and Willard’s work ethic of not taking any plays off (especially on the defensive end) is remarkable.

Dillard is a team first player. He isn’t into rankings or individual goals. One thing is for certain; Dillard is all about winning and improving. As we stated in our August 19, 2015 article, “Dillard’s goal is simple and that is to improve and get better everyday, not to mention to win games and championships.” Championships are often won on the defensive end of the court and with Greensboro Day, it all starts with Will Dillard.

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