It was great to see our old friend back on the court, as the Stars Gold 17u continues to offer players from the state of South Carolina to check out. There are plenty of options, inside and out, that college coaches should take a look at and check out, as this is a program that should continue to prove itself this season.

2025 Reggie Mack
2025 Yasir Cromer
2025 Shannon Davis
2025 Malachi Cooper
2025 Daron Dunbar
2025 Trey Smith
2025 Ethan Mays
2025 CJ Terrell
2025 Lennix Valarie
2025 Jarius Davis
2025 Alius Bowser

2025 Daron Dunbar led the charge in a big way on several occasions, showcasing his ability to be a physical prospect who can hurt you at the rim or step out. 2025 Reggie Mack and 2025 Yasir Cromer both performed well, with Mack controlling the game and running the show, as well as getting others involved while Cromer created and distributed well, and showed that he can be a scoring factor. 2025 Jarius Davis, a 6’4 prospect, continues to show that he can be a scoring factor, has good length, and can be a multi-level scorer. 2025 Shannon Davis has simply a smooth feel for the game that can be a playmaker and fill it up from the perimeter. The same can be said about 2025 Malachi Cooper, as he has been highlighted on several occasions, can knock down shots in catch-and-shoot situations, as well as being an athletic prospect. 2025 Alius Bowser is another athletic prospect that is excellent downhill but also rising to knock-down shots.

Down low and bringing size, 2025 CJ Terrell does what is needed for this team. He competes, battles on the boards, has a good frame, and shows good touch in the paint. 2025 6’6 Trey Smith is another player who continues to be a steady, low-maintenance player who can make his presence felt on both sides of the court.

But overall, this is a team that offers players that can be seen at the next level and should have the attention of college coaches this summer.

What Was Said from the Event about a Few Players:

“2025 Reggie Mack is a high IQ guard that plays so hard on both sides of the ball. Competes on the defensive end, shares the wealth around, crafty strong handles, and plays within the offense.”

“2025 Yasir Cromer is a guard that really controls the game. Has good point guard instincts, creates and distributes well, but also showed his ability to be a scoring factor for his team.”

“2025 CJ Terrell has been a nice piece today. Does what is needed, battles on the boards, and steps up when called upon to be an offensive option. Good size and frame overall.”

“2025 Daron Dunbar has been really good overall today. He flourishes well in getting downhill, finishing strong and with athleticism at the rim but he can also knock down shots from various levels.”

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