2027 James Minlend (Harrisburg Hornets):

Minlend continues to be a young prospect that needs to have eyes on. One can see that he has a on of upside in his game, and he is developing more confidence with his feel and game overall at a young age. The 6’5 prospect can score in a variety of ways, scoring off the bounce and knocking down shots with his jumper, but also attacking downhill and finishing over defenders. Basketball runs in his family, so he is one that has the intangibles to be a big-time player in his class.

2026 Bryce Rogers (TTA):

Rogers really catches your eye with his over length and when watching him operate on the court, you can see that he could be a player of interest. He is a long, athletic wing/forward that brings a lot of versatility to the court. He can play multiple positions, he uses his athleticism on both ends, and surprised us with his ability to score from multiple levels on the court. He should be one to really watch more this weekend.

2025 Landon Vaughan (Riptide):

Vaughan has been playing well for Carolina Riptide over the last few weekends, and he is really starting to earn more attention from our scouts. There is intrigue with his 6’9 frame and fluidity on the court, and it seems like he is just starting to understand his ability to finish and be a presence down in the paint. He can score over his shoulder with soft touch, active on the boards, creates second-chance opportunities, and can make an impact on the defensive end as well.

2025 Jayden Little (NC Aces):

Little has been a guard that has had some strong performances in the past, and he didn’t waste any time showing that on Day 1 here. Scoring 22 of his 25 points in the second half, Little put his team on his back and displayed just how effective he can be as an offensive threat. Getting downhill, showing his speed, creating or getting to the line, getting to his spots, and mixing it up well from multiple levels, Little put on an impressive show on Day 1.

2025 Blaise Bonga (STARS Basketball):

I really liked what I saw from the guard on Day 1. He was able to create and be effective on the court, whether it was getting others involved, being a playmaker, or being a consistent scoring option. Offensively, he played well on or off the ball, moving well without the ball to create opportunities, getting to his spots for his shot, and really displaying a strong feel/IQ for the game in making the right decisions. He plays with a good pace, showed good footwork, and found ways to score around defenders.

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