2025 Cash McSweeney (Sw15h Elite): McSweeney continues to be a forward in the class of 2025 that you will want to monitor. Had a very good showing on Day 2 and liked the steps he has made with his game. McSweeney is quite skilled for his position, and is only getting stronger and more physical. Love his feel on the glass, while also doing a nice job of spacing the floor and showing his touch.

2025 Jaden Palmore (Legends): Palmore had his best game at the end of the day, as he really was able to make plays for himself and others in a variety of ways. A strong-bodied guard, Palmore did a fantastic job playing at his pace, under control, and reading the defense. Whether it was him creating and dishing, or finding ways to score inside and out, Palmore was extremely productive to end the day.

2025 Dylan Clark (Team MVL): Clark is such an intriguing prospect who only continues to get better and better each time we see him. Still room for growth overall, but the physical 6’8 forward plays with such energy and toughness. His physicality on the court can create problems, and he uses that to be powerful on the glass, as well as embrace contact. He has a chance to really make a bigger name for himself this summer and this upcoming season.

2024 Makel Smith (PSB Elite): Leading the charge once again, Smith continues to show how big of a presence he is on the court. Coming off a season in which he led the state in scoring, you can easily see his ability to find ways to score, create and gets paint touches, and scores well around defenders for his size. But he can hurt you in so many other ways; his ability to create and collapse the defense, and find his teammates is an underrated part of his game. Such a crafty guard with the ball in his hands, as he knows how to make everything run.

2024 Jerquarius Stanback (NLPB): We have talked about him before, and he continues to grab your attention with the plays that he makes on both ends. Love his length, his ability to be a shot-blocker, his instincts on the glass, and he can be a force around the paint. But he also gives you glimpses of his ability to put the ball on the deck and make plays as well. Love his overall game and what he ultimately could be.

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