2028 Noah Dulin (Team Fly):

Dulin continues to impress the scouts at an early age. Overall, this Team FLY program is extremely good and very balanced, but on Day 2 early on it was Dulin who continued to lead the charge. Dulin’s blend of skillset, feel, length, and versatility certainly garner attention early on, as he put on an offensive show to start the day. Whether it was scoring out in transition, attacking off the bounce, knocking down mid-range shots or from behind the arc, or simply making an impact in a variety of other ways, Dulin certainly understands that game well for a player his age.

2028 Ian Gause (Palmetto City Hurricanes):

First time ever getting a chance to see Gause in action, but this is a young man who has a chance to be special if everything comes together, he continues to develop and has tremendous upside. Gause showed early flashes of his ability to post up and use his size, run the floor out in transition, showing good footwork and fluidity early on, and being a presence on both sides of the court offensively and defensively. He would be a name to really watch as he develops, and he has a chance to be a name in the Class of 2028 to make a big name for himself.

2026 Jack Siegel (CC Elite):

Siegel continues to make strides in his game, getting bigger and stronger but also continuing to flourish as a high-IQ prospect who can hurt you in several ways. Siegel knows how to take advantage of opportunities, can knock down shots with confidence, can create well for himself, and plays well within the offense. He is one that I believe should get more looks this summer and be on more radars.

2025 Nas Berry (PSB):

Berry really played well to start the day here at the Grassroots TOC. The 6’1 guard brings such a strong balance of toughness, physicality, and aggressiveness to the court with his offensive game, but also plays within the team and doesn’t force much. Berry has tremendous body control, making plays off the bounce, finding ways to score and finish through defenders, and also shows the ability to run the show a the point guard position. Overall, I really liked what I saw from him to start the day.

2025 RJ Lacossade (Team Swish):

Lacossade has been a consistent presence all weekend long so far, and he could be a sleeper to really watch out for this summer. With his 6’5 frame and versatility, Lacossade offers a lot to the table for his team, both offensively and defensively. He can guard multiple positions, finish at the rim, make strong drives, and again bring a lot of versatility to the court. He has been a consistent scoring presence all weekend long.

2025 Luke Jack (Sewer South):

Jack is a new name that is on our watch list, as he impressed us overall with his impact, and his ability to create and make a variety of plays. Jack brings good size to the table at his position, but what captured our attention the most was his ability to hurt you in so many ways, scoring off the bounce, creating for himself, knocking down shots from outside, ability to create space, and get others involved as well. Really liked his overall feel for the game.

2026 Harris Reynolds (Team Curry):

Reynolds is a young prospect for Team Curry that I would have my eyes on for sure. He has good size and can run the show or play off the ball. But when the ball was in his hands, he was strong out in transition, showcasing a smooth creative feel, penetrating and getting inside the defense, using his size to his advantage but also not forcing anything and finding his teammates. Overall, he just had a natural feel and a great pace to his game.

2024 Jared Taylor (Cap City):

Taylor was a force on the court today, as he has had a strong start to the summer so far. Taylor’s blend of physicality, athleticism, and hard work in the paint continues to impress and shine. Today, he was relentless in being a force down low, scoring through defenders, attacking the glass strong, finishing at the rim countless times, and simply competing on both sides. He was a workhorse today in a big win.

2025 MJ Williams (Team Trezz):

Williams was tremendous on Day 2 at the event, really shining as a big threat and creator. Each time we watched him, Williams was finding ways to create off the dribble and consistently stayed in attack mode on the court. A smaller guard that has tremendous quickness and speed, Williams was able to drive by defenders all throughout and get inside the lane to finish, as well as knock down shots and fill it up for his team.

2025 Nathan Fife (SW15H Elite):

Watching Fife in action, you can’t help but like what he brings to the table. There is a unique blend of skill, IQ, athleticism, and toughness that you have to enjoy.  Fife does a great job in helping lead the charge, running the offense, getting others involved but also being able to create for himself. He isn’t afraid of mixing it up, plays with a strong mentality on both sides, and truly competes.  Fife can really shine in his ability to knock down tough shots along with his motor.

2027 Parker Watkins (Team ISH):

Watkins has a chance to be a very good player in the coming years, as he continues to flourish as a young prospect with a lot of upside. Watkins has tremendous positional size at an early age, and clearly understands how the game is played. He makes strong decisions, displays high IQ, can break down and create on his own, can score and knock down shots off the bounce, but also plays within what his team needs him to do. He will be one to watch more in the coming years certainly.

2025 Daron Dunbar (Stars Basketball):

The South Carolina prospect was able to flourish overall on Day 2, leading his team in both games and being a strong blend of physicality and scoring ability. Dunbar excelled early on in getting out in transition, finishing strong at the rim with no doubt. But he reminds you that he can be effective from multiple levels, getting to his spots, knocking down open shots, and embracing physicality with the best of them.

2027 Bryce Ward (Middleton Hoops):

Every time I watch Ward in action, I see a guard who can make a difference for his team in a variety of ways. Whether it is on offense or defense, Ward can be seen making an impact in a variety of ways. As a guard, he has tremendous quickness and a strong burst of speed to get by defenders and create, finding holes and scoring from multiple levels on the floor. But he uses that same intensity and speed to be a strong on-ball defender, creating havoc and turning defense into offense.

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