2024 Paul McNeil (Garner Road):

There has been a lot of talk around McNeil and his game but it is easy to see why he is regarded as one of the top players in his class for 2024.  He put on an absolute show to start his weekend, using his 6’5 frame to his advantage, finishing over defenders, showing tremendous body control, and has an excellent perimeter feel for the game.  The young man is a rising talent and college coaches should and will be all over him in the coming years.

2022 Tajuan and Takai Simpkins (Garner Road):

The Simpkins twins were at it again, playing at a high level, being active on both ends, and using his athleticism to their advantage. They play really well together separately or together on the court, as they excel in transition and finishing at the rim.  But don’t let that fool you with their ability to step out and be a factor from the perimeter.

2023 Jameen Moore Jr. (Charlotte Wolves):

JJ Moore was a scoring force last season and throughout the high school season.  Well, he showed it again to start his tournament play at the Coach Rick TOC.  On Day 1, he did it from the perimeter, knocking down nine three-pointers and using his speed to get around and by defenders… and this was all with a broken thumb that we learned about after the game. As a small guard, he displayed how much an offensive force he can be on the floor.

2022 Joyful Hawkins (North Florida Elite):

It was great to see Hawkins back in North Carolina and on the big stage here at Phenom Hoops and he didn’t disappoint. His game is fun to watch, as he brings a terrific skillset of athleticism, power, and mobility to the floor at his 6’9 frame.  Hawkins was off the charts and couldn’t’ be stopped, scoring 34 points for his team. It is easy to see why high-major schools have been on him and what he brings.

2022 Treyvon Byrd (Team Howard):

Byrd did what he does best on the floor.  He was aggressive in getting downhill, finishing well over and around defenders, but also embracing contact and getting to the line.  With how he operates and what he can do on the floor offensively, Byrd really can be a tough matchup on the floor and understands how to take advantage of what is given to him.

2022 Jackson Holt (Big Shots):

When you talk about shooters in the class of 2022, Holt needs and should be one of the names listed in that category.  He continues to show why with such a fluid and confident shooting stroke, that you think it is going in every time he lets it go.  He also moves really well without the ball, finding those openings in the defense and showing his floor awareness.  If a program needs a shooter, Holt should be a target.

2022 Julian Phillips (Upward Stars):

Honestly, I don’t know what else to say about Phillips’ game that hasn’t been already said.  He is a special talent and a reason why college coaches were lining the baseline to watch.  He checks off so many boxes as a prospect and with his work on his outside game, one can easily put him in an array of options on the floor and see him succeed. The balance of athleticism, skillset, versatility, handles, physicality and size, and IQ… Phillips is the whole package.

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