2025 Jake Benham (Mint Hill Lakers): Benham continues to find his name on our standout lists. But it is hard not to have him on the list with the consistent play he has been showing this summer. Benham is having a breakout-type year, showing how he can be a game-changer with his shot-making, his quick release, and his ability to make plays in a variety of ways. Another outing in which he filled it up in a big way, especially from behind the arc.

2025 Curtis Jackson (Truth Elite): Jackson is one that is another guy that continues to find his name on our standout list. An under-the-radar type guard here in North Carolina, Jackson started out slow in the first half but got it going and was assertive in the second half. He is one that can knock down shots off the dribble, create well, and get paint touches. He did that big-time in the second half, scoring 15 of his 20 points and getting it done from the free-throw line or inside the arc.

2027 Joshua Leonard (Upward Stars 2026): Leonard is one that we have known about for some time, and for how young he is, it is hard not to get excited about what the future may hold for him. Leonard has great size at 6’5 and a tremendous young skillset. He is one that is fluid, has a strong presence in a variety of ways, attacks the boards, and impacts the game on both sides.  But again, there is so much potential with this young man, and we are excited about the future.

2024 Zay Howard (TNG Black): Howard was a player that we were able to catch a glimpse of, and with his length and athleticism, Howard was one that we wanted to make note of.  He did a great job in using his athleticism to his advantage, finishing at the rim, getting downhill, and also blocking multiple shots as well.  Howard had a very strong showing on Day 1, and he is one that we will be watching more in Rock Hill.

2025 Chris Eagan (Team Curry): It had been some time since seeing the big man, but when I watched him on the court, I was pleasantly surprised with the progression he has made. Eagan is a big man that has tremendous footwork, and we have noted thought countless of times.  But he showed more of a polished feel, displayed his footwork in the paint in finishing, had a solid post-up game, and was more assertive on the glass as well.  Was really impressed with what I saw on Day 1.

2025 Jordan Watford (Upward Stars 2025): Watford is a player that I’m high on in what he provides on the court. He is a 6’5 prospect that can be used in a variety of ways; he can help lead a team offensively at times, brings tremendous leadership, is vocal on the court, and really excels in creating and getting to the basket to finish strong.  With his length and size though, he can guard multiple positions and helps in a variety of other ways also.

2025 Cam Flippen (Team Curry): You know what Flippen is going to bring on the court; he is one that is going to be strong, be physical, and play with a ton of energy. With his strong frame, Flippin continues to be a strong finisher off the dribble and around the basket but he also did a great job in stepping up from outside behind the arc. He led the charge in a big game with 17 points.

2025 Tristan Thompson (Upward Stars 2025): Thompson is a kind of do-it-all type player that shows flashes of success from many levels. He helped lead the charge today, making strong finishes around the basket and on the boards but he also was able to step out and knock down shots.  Thompson simply just finds ways to bring production to the table and does so in a variety of ways.

2026 Tarris Bouie (Team EAT): This is a young prospect that is just starting his story, but each time we watch him, you can’t help but be mesmerized in what he ultimately could be in the end. He has the length, he has the skill set, and he is now showing more of his offensive arsenal on the court.  But the potential with Bouie’s game is what has to intrigue you.  There is so much to like about what he provides and what he can be, and he continues to develop a little bit more each time we see him.

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