6’3″ 2019 Zay Martin of Upward York 17s

Players D1s Need to See (Part 2)
Phenom’s Southern Jam (July 28-30)
By Jamie Shaw

The Phenom Hoops platform brings in major names, the names that everyone in the country talks about. However, the major part of the platform is the spotlight our platform puts on players people don’t talk about yet. Phenom’s Southern Jam is the last travel ball event of the 2017 season. Phenom Hoops will have over 100 teams coming in from 9 different states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, and Pennsylvania). Every one of these teams will be performing on the Phenom Hoops Platform.

Our track record speaks for itself, so when coaches hear us suggest for them to come watch a player they make the effort to do so. Here is part 2 of D1 prospects Coaches will want to see July 28-30.

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6’3” 2019 Zay Martin
Upward Stars York (SC) 17s

Toughness is what initially stands out about Zay Martin, even playing up an age group he really thrives in doing the tough guy stuff. However, once you peel back the layers you see that Martin has the ball skills and talent as well. He shoots it consistently with range, he gets downhill and finishes above the rim in the half court and of course he rebounds and defends. This could be the breakout event for Martin.

6’5” 2018 Kaeleb Carter
Higher Level (VA)

At the D1 level schools look for what a player does and a high or an elite level. Carter is a high to elite level defender. Standing at a length 6’5” he is able to defend (lock up) multiple positions on the floor. He is a good athlete, with great length and plays with a consistently hot motor. Carter is an explosive athlete in transition and also possesses the ability to really see the floor and pass the ball.

6’8” 2018 Silas Love
Raid Nation (NC)

Love’s game is on an upward climb. He has always produced, he averaged 18 points, 11 board, 1.5 blocks and shot 64% from the field last year playing in 4A North Carolina basketball. Even though those numbers are staggering, Love has taken his game to a new level. He has expanded his skill set out to the wing. He is playing more explosively around the rim, finishing lobs and put backs with power. It will be interesting to see who and how many go in on him.

6’1” 2018 Taevon Horton
West Virginia Wildcats (WV)

Horton is a big time athlete who plays both ends with a chip on his shoulder. He led his high school team to the 2A West Virginia state championship where he was named the game MVP. Horton is able to manufacture his own shot and lives in the paint. Coaches should watch closely, he will undoubtedly turn heads.

6’8” 2018 Anthony Flagler
Team Vision (NC)

Flagler has not played basketball in 3 years, he stepped up for his family and got a job to help out. However, those around him figured July to be the time for him to get out and play. He has really taken advantage of his opportunity in July. Flagler has a 7’1” wing span and runs the floor like a wing. He possesses natural timing on defense and his range extends well beyond the 3-point arc. He is a brand new name for coaches, but he is one that is like clay right now. He has so many natural tools, that should shine brightly to college coaches of what he will become.

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