Player: Calvin Thomas
Class: 2020
Height: 6’6″ 210 pounds
High School: Tallwood High School, Virginia Beach VA
AAU Club Name: Team Thrill VA

AAU Coach Evaluation:
I have known Calvin for the past two years as his High School Basketball Coach. During this time, I have come to appreciate his many fine qualities as I have watched him grow as a player and a person. Calvin has spent the off-season working on his weaknesses. He is always prepared, self-motivated, and willing to give 110% effort. He improved his footwork in the post area, worked hard in the weight room getting stronger, ran tirelessly to become better conditioned, and diligently worked on his ball-handling and shooting skills. He listens attentively to directions and works conscientiously at carrying out instructions. I expect that he will be one of the premier post players in our district this upcoming season. Calvin is not only a fine player, but is also an outstanding individual. He is a pleasure to coach because of his thoughtful personality and desire to win. He understands the value of goal setting and the importance of team work. He has shown the ability to bounce back from adversity and is willing to put in extra time to improve on weaknesses. He realizes that success can only be obtained through hard work and approaching each task with a positive attitude. I continue to be impressed by Calvin’s humility. He is polite, respectful, and courteous. I know his determination and commitment will enable him to be successful as we look forward to the upcoming season. – Coach Tom Gunsalus, Head Coach Tallwood High School Basketball

Coach Frank says:
Throughout the Spring and early summer in both high school team camps and AAU, Calvin has proven he will be an impact high school freshman. A big and strong yet mobile rim protector, Calvin has battled with flashes of dominance some of the areas more established big men. He plays hard pounding opponents with his large frame while also being quick and bouncy enough to beat opponents to the basketball. Surprisingly quick off his feet and a very good repeat jumper, Calvin dominates the glass and is a good shot blocker. He is a very good finisher with a soft touch around the basket. He uses his body well to back opponents down, has an array of back to the basket moves. Calvin is also comfortable as a face up post and has a good jumper and very good footwork on a catch and shoot or stepping to the ball and squaring to the rim for the jumper. He passes out of the post well, has very good hands and plays with a great deal of confidence. The sky is the limit as Calvin has good skills and versatility and is gifted with a strong, physical frame. Calvin Thomas is a player college coaches should take note of and is sure to become a dominant player as his high school career progresses.

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