Trevon is a fundamentally solid and very athletic guard who will turn heads this season.

Player: Trevon Williamson

Class: 2019

HT: 6’2, 160 pounds

High School: Deep Creek High School, Chesapeake VA

AAU Club Name: Western Branch Jaguars

Highlight Video:

AAU Coach Evaluation: In addition to your comments I would add that he is a strong rebounder who can get you 5 or 6 rebounds a game from the guard position. Trevon knows how to play the passing lanes and has excellent anticipation and quickness. Trevon is a hard worker and he is also an outstanding student athlete. – Coach Lorenza Coltrane, Head Coach – Western Branch Jaguars AAU

Coach Frank says: Trevon is a fundamentally solid and very athletic guard who will turn heads this season. He is a smart player with a great feel, versatility and tremendous athleticism. He can handle the ball and blow by defenders and get to the rim but can also execute an offense and make sound decisions with the ball. Trevon has ability to vary the rhythm of his dribble and to change speeds which keeps defenders off balance. He is a strong and crafty finisher at the rim and attacks the basket aggressively. Off the ball he is most dangerous as he is an excellent shooter with range and can also score of the bounce with very good consistency. Trevon is always reading the defense and will backdoor you in a heartbeat and make you pay if you help or overplay. He’s a court savvy player and does a great job getting open and presenting himself to the basketball. He catches the ball ready to make a play and he has a quick release. Get’s great elevation on his jumper! Off the bounce he is as consistent as anybody in the area and he does a good job getting to his spots, is a good and willing passer. Trevon is a well schooled player and knows his way around the basketball court. He has a long wingspan to compliment is quickness and defends with an endless motor. He has great bounce, rebounds the basketball and is a solid defender. It’s easy to get excited about Trevon as he is young, has a strong grasp of the fundamentals, is extremely athletic and very smart. He has the potential to be one of the area’s better scorers as early as this year. He will be a college prospect, keep your eyes on him!

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