No. 6 5’7 ’21 Nick Owens (Graham HS, Bluefield, VA)

Nick was one of the top young players in camp. He averaged 12.3 PPG and also received a game MVP vote. He has an excellent understanding of the game and gives maximum effort. Coach Timmons stated, “Nick is a great scorer and is very crafty. He has a great first step and takes great shots.” We were impressed with his poise and feel for the game. He has solid shooting mechanics, technique and demonstrated good range on his shot. The next step in his development is to know when to dribble penetrate and bring it back out to reset the offense.

No. 15 5’9 ’20 Joshua Stinson (Ridgeway HS, Cordova, TN)

Joshua is blessed with outstanding quickness. He averaged 16.3 PPG and also received a game MVP vote. With good athleticism, Joshua is able beat defenders off the dribble and scored effectively in transition. Like many young players, his athletic ability is one of his strongest attributes. The next step in his development is to think the game mentally since he will be in the PG role. Coach Timmons stated, “Joshua has a tendency to be shy. He could talk more on defense. These things will only enhance his basketball resume.”

No. 26 5’11 ’19 Chase Jenkins (Dobyns Bennett HS, Kingsport, TN)

Chase is a solid fundamentally sound player. He does a lot of little things well. He averaged 8.3 PPG and we liked his unselfish team play and team first approach. Coach Timmons stated, “Chase really sees the floor well and was a great on ball defender.” Overall, Chase plays both ends of the court. He gives as much effort and energy defensively as he does offensively, which rarely happens today. With improved shooting mechanics, he can become a more consistent shooter, which will increase his value as a player.

No. 36 6’0 ’18 Darrin Martin (Graham HS, Bluefield, VA)

It was an overall impressive performance for the senior guard. He averaged 12.3 PPG and was voted First Team All Camp. While Darrin is blessed with tremendous athleticism, we were equally impressed with his attitude, effort and overall team play. He is extremely quick and utilizes his speed in the open court. Coach Timmons stated, “Darrin is a very good two-way player. He sees the floor well and can get to the rim with ease. He is very coachable.” In our opinion, Darrin is vastly underrated in terms of his recruitment at the collegiate level. He’s a definite D2 prospect!

No. 47 6’1 ’19 Andrew Williford (Piegon Forge, Seymour, TN)

Andrew made his biggest impression on the defensive side of the court. While he didn’t score a lot of points, he did enough defensively to garnish a game MVP vote. He has the physical tools to develop into a solid player. He is a very good athlete and just needs to implement more confidence in his game. Throughout the day, Andrew showed a willingness to listen and learn. In addition, he demonstrated a solid work ethic and plays within the team structure. Coach Timmons stated, “Andrew has the work ethic, he just needs to keep working and develop overall to be the best he can be.”

No. 56 6’2 ’20 Tariq Daughton (Webb HS, Knoxville, TN)

Tariq has a nice blend of athleticism combined with an advanced skill set. He averaged 8.7 PPG and earned one game MVP vote. We were impressed with his energy and enthusiasm displayed throughout the course of the day. He has good size for his position and demonstrated excellent leadership abilities. Coach Timmons stated, “Tariq is a great player. Great energy and high IQ player! He really scored well off the midrange jumper” Overall, an outstanding day that should create confidence going into the high school season.

No. 68 6’3 ’19 TJ Fink (West Henderson HS, Hendersonville, NC)

TJ is a solid athlete and has good fundamentals. He averaged 8.3 PPG and has some nice tools to work with. TJ demonstrated an excellent attitude and played very unselfishly. He understands team concepts and scored when needed. The next step in his development is to become more vocal and become more aggressive on the court. TJ has a good understanding of the game and it’s just a matter of making himself stand out more at times.

No. 77 6’4 ’18 Jordan Self (Sullivan Central, Blountville, TN)

Really like the poise and maturity demonstrated by the senior. He plays really hard on both ends of the court and has solid fundamentals, which he displayed throughout the day. He averaged 7.0 PPG and did it all within the confines of the offense. Jordan didn’t take a lot of shots, but was highly efficient in his play. The next step in his overall development is to become more vocal on the court and utilize his experience. Overall, Jordan has a good grasp of the game and maybe was a little too unselfish at times, which rarely happens in a camp setting.

No. 89 6’7 ’20 Andrew Williams (East Hamilton, Chattanooga, TN)

Andrew Williams really enhanced his stock at camp. He averaged 11.3 PPG and made Second Team All Camp. He’s a lefty that has good size and athleticism for his position. We were impressed with his ball handling in the open court and terrific court vision. He has all the tools to become a legit D1 prospect. Coach Timmons stated,“Andrew sees the floor great and is an all around player. He will need to play through no calls and stay emotionally locked in.” Overall, Andrew has a really nice game. He’s unselfish and has unlimited potential. If he continues to improve especially with his perimeter shot, the sky’s the limit.

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