Tennessee Phenom Exposure Camp
Team Recaps

Team 1 – Coach Mason Waters

#1 5’5” 2022 Andrew Knittel of Church Hill Middle School (Church Hill, TN)
Knittell showed a lot of toughness and confidence throughout camp. He showed to be a true lead guard with an ability to both score or handle the ball. Knittell’s camp coach Mason Waters stated, “Andrew is only an 8th grader who made some nice passes and showed good shooting form. He showed advanced ability to dribble at all levels with either hand.” As he continues into high school, Knittell is one to monitor.

#20 5’10” 2021 Garrett Vines of Hampton High School (Hampton, TN)
Vines came into camp giving great effort and displaying a good attitude. He is a player who looks to set up his team mates, but can also make shots with range. He really comes alive on the offensive end. Vines camp coach Mason Waters stated, “Garrett is a patient offensive player who sets his team mates up to score. A solid athlete he runs the floor well offensively.”

#21 5’10” 2020 Trace Wandell of Clinton High School (Powell, TN)
Wandell is a great team player who showed a good basketball IQ and understanding of the game. Defensively is where Wandell really stood out as a high motor, good athlete. Wandell’s camp coach Mason Waters stated, “Trace understands defensive concepts well, he is a great help side defender and contests a lot of shots. He was able to penetrate well offensively. A team player who made his team better.”

#41 6’ 2020 Masyn Winningham of White County High School (Sparta, TN)
Winningham came into camp with a great attitude and took well to coaching throughout the day. He is a very composed player who doesn’t force plays. Winningham’s camp coach Mason Waters stated, “Masyn made some 3-pointers and he runs the floor well. He plays composed and doesn’t every force plays. He spaces the floor well and is a good help defender with awareness on offense.”

#42 6’1” 2020 Isaiah McAmis of Central-Wise High School (Wise, VA)
Right off the bat you can tell McAmis is a coaches’ kid, he showed a great attitude and coachability. He has a scorers mentality, with seemingly unlimited range and a quick release. McAmis’ camp coach Mason Waters stated, “Isaiah is a Shooter. He swished three pointers in transition, off a pass from the paint and on reversals. Isaiah finished well in the paint, against contact and is a phenomenal shooter.” Watch closely here.

#61 6’2″ 2021 Kendal Loftis of North Greene High School (Greenville, TN)
Loftis came into camp with a great understanding of team play and coachability. He displayed a high level of vision to go along with great court awareness for a prospect his age. Loftis’ camp coach Mason Waters stated, “Kendal made a number of solid, simple passes. He hits his team mates in stride and sets them up to score. He is a great team mate with the ability to go both ways at full speed. He plays patient and limits turnovers. Comfortable on and off the ball.”

#62 6’2” 2018 Jasun Mills of Dobbyns Bennett High School (Kingsport, TN)
Mills showed up to camp with a good attitude and took well to coaching and concept of team play. He has a well rounded skill set and showed the ability to do multiple things on both ends of the floor. Mills’ camp coach Mason Waters stated, “Jasun made shots, good passes, defensive plays and he finished well. He doesn’t have any clear weaknesses. Mills’ assists to turnover ratio was around 4:1 and he protected the ball well.”

#82 6’6” 2022 Braden Ilic of Morristown Middle School (Morristown, TN)
Ilic came into camp displaying a good attitude throughout the day. As one of the youngest players in camp, he showed the ability to score on all 3 levels and a willingness to rebound in his area. Ilic’s camp coach Mason Waters stated, “Braden is only an 8th grader. He has good length, which he uses to contain drivers and contest shots well. Braden has solid shooting form and foundation with good handles. With continued work, the potential is there to be an impact player.”

#83 6’5” 2019 Grant Ledford of Grace Christian (Knoxville, TN)
Ledford led all campers in scoring with a staggering 31.7 points per game, and an event high of 42. He was able to score the ball incredibly efficiently at all 3 levels, also showing the ability to handle as a secondary ball handler and great vision. Ledford’s camp coach Mason Waters stated, “Grant is the kind of player who makes the game look easy. He is always under control, always on balance and makes well timed passes. Grant sees the floor very well, is patient and very smooth. He reminds me of David Lee or Doug McDermott.” Expect the D1 offers to come soon.

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