The schedule is out and the stage is set. There are 70+ teams coming to Greensboro, North Carolina this weekend to participate in the 2nd Annual Stay Positive Classic.

Stay Positive is an organization that helps with the Give God Glory foundation, started by two-time brain cancer survivor Eric Day. It is great when the community comes together to buy in for a great cause, Cancer Research is a great cause!

With that being said, the talent level this weekend is off the charts. Some of the region’s best teams will be gathering to compete. Not only compete, but they will be receiving some of the best exposure around with college coaches, national media, videographers and fans lined up for their chance to watch some of the nation’s best.

Phenom’s Stay Positive is a must watch event, but this is a two part guide for what you should watch for, some of the storylines that will bring some interest …

Team Felton Vs. Team Charlotte

These are two of the shoe sponsored teams in North Carolina, both also play on the Under Armor circuit. However, UA put the two on separate sides of the bracket and they aren’t guaranteed to play this year. Well, now these natural rivals are going to be going at it.

Team Charlotte is loaded up with talent. Team Charlotte is led by 6’8” forward Jaden Seymour and 6’2” guard Tristan Maxwell. Both players claim high major offers and produce all over the court, at a high rate. Also watch out for 6’9” 2021 Jacori Owens, 6’4” 2021 AJ Smith. 5’11” 2020 Treyden Williams and 6’6” 2020 Daniel Ransom.

Team Felton stays stocked with major talent. The big name with them will be high scoring junior Jalen Cone, who is ranked among the nation’s Top 100 prospects. They also will have 6’7” Top 100 prospect Silas Mason and 6’7” junior Brady OConnell.

These teams will compete, not only that but these players will be competing for the same offers and will look to compete in the same leagues throughout college.

Also, a note on the side is that UNC fans should take note of. Team Felton is coached by UNC great and NBA draft pick David Noel while Team Charlotte will be coached by UNC legend and 10+ year NBA player Jeff McInnis. I can assure you each of these friends will want to get the best of the other.

This game will happen at 10:10 AM on Saturday on Court 1 at Proehlific Park in Greensboro.

Team CP3 16s

Team CP3 always has some of the best talent in the country. This year will be no different as their 16 year old group has a nice mixture of local studs and national level “dudes”.

Coming over from Tennessee will be 6’5” junior Randy Brady. Brady is a Top 30 player in his class and a must watch wing.

Along with Brady, CP3 16s will be returning a stout guard group. NC State commit Terquavion Smith will pair with 6’ Bobby Pettiford, 6’2” Jacobi Wright and 6’ Breon Pass. This quartet of guards can all pass, shoot, handle and defend. They play with a chip on their shoulder and are comfortable with one another.

These guys will play at 11:20 and 4:00 on Saturday at Proehlific Park on Court 1.

Team Winston 17s

Team Winston always has talent, they have done a great job of getting the best players in the 336 together and showcasing them on a major level. Well this year’s Team Winston team may be their best yet.

North Carolina is known for talent, even though North Carolina has 7 shoe sponsored programs, year after year non-shoe sponsored teams churn out talent.

Team Winston may actually be the best non-shoe sponsored team in the state. They run a legitimate 11 players deep, and when we say 11 players deep, those are 11 college level players.

Led by their front court duo of 6’7” 2020 Jakob Moore and 6’6” Zack Austin this team’s success starts with their unbelievable ability to defend. These two are high level defenders who have All-League type potential at the D1 level.

The guard play is led by the tough duo of Stephen Minor and Derrick Dearman. Both players can handle, touch the paint and shoot it.

Without question this is a team that College Coaches will need to be sitting on during the live period, They have multiple D1, D2 and D3 players on the roster.

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