Everyone knows that a Phenom Hoops event will bring out the studs. As highest level players walk through the doors event after event, year after year.

Everyone knows that a Phenom Hoops event will bring out the studs. As highest level players walk through the doors event after event, year after year. However, the great thing about Phenom Hoops event platform is it provides a place for under the radar type guys to take a major step forward in their visibility.

Coaches will be in the stands and nationally read and NCAA compliant scouts will be in the stands watching. Here is a listing of players who took advantage of the platform and should see their recruitment take a step forward.

6’8” 2018 Dravon Mangum
NC Red Storm (NC)

Even since April, Mangum has put his game on an incredibly steep trajectory. He is 6’8” with a 7’+ wing span. Seeing that Mangum was a 6’4” guard at this time last year, his story gets even more attractive. He has good ball skills and range beyond the arc. Mangum moves well off the ball and is very active defensively. His best basketball is in front of him, more offers should step forward.

6’6” 2018 KD Burt
NC Spartans East (NC)

We have heard a lot of schools say, “we need to get tougher” or “we need to rebound better” in this recruiting class. They then watch KD Burt go out and average 15 rebounds per game while playing a tough style of defense and he still has no offers. It is perplexing to us. We want toughness and rebounding, but this player who outrebounding the player we are recruiting, making the player we are recruiting uncomfortable defensively and is just beating the player we are recruiting yet Burt still has no offers. It makes no sense. Schools need to jump here, he will make a coach look brilliant.

6’3” 2019 Caleb Mills
Team Vision (NC)

Mills’ offensive game is effortless. Off the bounce, off the catch, at all 3 levels, Mills is able to get his against anyone. Throughout Session 1 Mills had the 70+ coaches at each of his games asking, “Tell me about him…” or “Who is that guy'” That should continue. Winthrop is looking good being the first to offer, however they will have company very soon, it just comes easy to him.

6’8” 2018 Hunter Tyson
Team CP3 (NC)

Sure Tyson came into this event with multiple high major offers. He is on top of multiple recruiting boards as Michigan, Clemson, Davidson and Tennessee sent their Head Coaches to watch during Phenom’s Stay Positive Session 1. However, Tyson showed in Session 1 that he is better than that. He is a Top 100 type wing prospect who can handle in tight spaces, rebound in traffic, and shoot with deep range. Every coach watching loved him and every coach who comes in to see him will love him. His recruitment will be interesting, but that said, high major NCAA tournament teams need to come in and watch him.

6’7” 2018 Sam Woods
Manzer Basketball (SC)

Woods has great length, is a high level athlete and incredibly productive in the tough guy stats. He has great length and is a quick twitch player. His range is extended regularly, stepping out to 18’ feet in game. He plays high above the rim and has great timing on blocked shots and deflections. He is a sure fire scholarship level player and is one D1s should look at.

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